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  • Very odd, and I cannot figure out where they are getting it from, but on my front page, my google ads are always about blogging, wordpress, adsense with wordpress, etc..

    When you click the article and view it, however the ads reflect the content.

    I removed any mention of wordpress from the HTML source and CSS, yet this still happens.

    Any ideas how adsense advertisers are determining that this is a blog, or wordpress? Their ads are not relevant to my content and I would like to get them off without going through the filter route.

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  • This is an Google/adsense issue, not a WP one. Google attempts to find the most relevent ad based on the content on the page i.e. it’s not the adsense advertisers who chooses the ads but Google.

    I understand that, which is why I posted this in Miscellaneous..

    Advertisers use key words to target their ad’s. My guess, is they are targeting a keyword that is produced by WordPress (2.0) on the index page.

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