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    I know that this issue has been discussed here extensively, however, no matter how I try, no ads show on my mobile page. (

    I’ve included my adsense ID number as directed by wptouch (with pub-), but maybe I’m doing something wrong with the Google AdSense Channel.

    Is it the id number of the ad, or is it its alpha name that has to be used?

    I’ve tried both, and still no go.

    Please help. Thanks.

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  • Could anyone please help me solve this one?

    If someone could tell me if the Google AdSense Channel is the ad number or the name of the ad, at least I would be able to rule out this doubt.


    I guess not… thanks anyway.

    With the latest Google Adsense code, you only need to enter your Google AdSense ID which is the number beginning with “pub-“. You may leave the Ad Channel field blank. Be sure your ads are active on Google Adsense and configured to the recommended specifications for mobile ads.

    My ads are active but still not showing anywhere InfoIncrement
    Please Help!

    @sorb, that link is dead. Post another and we’ll be happy to have a look. Once your mobile ad units are set up in the AdSense configuration tool, you only need to add your pub- ID number to WPtouch. That should be it. Note that only active ad units will display on your posts.

    Is it possible to set up more than one unit of adsense per page?

    The free version of WPtouch offers one ad space. While you may customize WPtouch Pro, we recommend adhering to your ad networks’ terms of use.

    Greetings, I have exactly the same problem that has n3m3, I’ve done everything as explained here and still can not get my display ads is web.

    Please review and may help in what is possible?


    Same problem here. It just stated not working since Nov 13 2012. I conclude not working because the last report I got was Nov 12 2012.

    Hope can some share their work around.


    On, we see the WPtouch Pro ad space and code in place. The issue seems to stem from the Google ads so you’ll want to verify that the ad unit selected for your mobile site is active (in your AdSense settings).

    if my ad is active only 320×50 not shown in space.

    I’ve tried everything, if anyone has any other ideas?

    I definite sure the ads was active because it was installed before and working but. one day it seems not working anymore.. 🙁

    I also do not understand exactly what to do here.

    For the ID field, do I (1) write ca-mb-pub-NUMBER, (2) just write the NUMBER or (3) write pub-NUMBER.

    For the second field, I have no clue what to put in. I do have a channel ID NUMBER but it does not have pub- as part of the string, at least not that I can find.

    Please assist.

    On the above post…the first question is referring to “Google AdSense ID” and the second question to “Google AdSense Channel”

    can someone please help me, I want to fix this???

    It is vital to the daily operation of my site

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 30 total)
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