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  • I recently setup and was registered my domain through I have since switched to bluehost and but am unable to fully transfer my domain until the 60 days has passed.

    In my blog at I have some google ads set up. They work fine on my homepage
    However they will not work on my temporary URL

    Is it possible to get my ads to appear at this temporary URL or do I have to wait out the 60 days so I can complete the transfer of my name?

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  • when you sign up for google ads i think you give them your website adress, which equates to an ip adress. google probably wont let you post your ads on more than one site

    They do allow posts on up to 500 sites actually per user. I was just trying to enter my temporary url as one of my sites on adsense, but it tells me that it is not a valid domain name.

    I notice now that my Twitter plugin shoots out some jiberish also on all other pages except for my home page where it looks fine. So it must not be an adsense related issue. Must be something wrong with my code.

    the 60 days has passed

    Really? It’s generally only up to 72 hours to change the name servers for a domain name. Transferring the registration of a domain name is not the same thing as those settings. See this page:

    Ya. Can’t transfer new domains less than 60 days old. Can only point them to bluehost nameservers. I am thinking now that isn’t the issue since 2 other widgets I have set up aren’t showing up properly either except on my homepage.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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