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    Suddenly many ads begun to appear on top of my blog, and so my host service support suggested me to disable all plugins to see if the ads stoped showing up. Did that, and the ads disappeared. For my surprise, the guilty plugin is JetPack for WordPress, version 3.1.1. I never thought JetPack would be causing it, since is a so popular plugin. JetPack is temporaly disabled now in my blog, until this issue have been solved. Please, could you help me?

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  • Plugin Contributor Brandon Kraft


    Happiness Engineer

    Could you activate Jetpack and send me a link, or at least activate it, take a screenshot of the ad and send me a link to the screenshot.

    We didn’t add any code that should do that and haven’t heard any other reports.

    One idea is that it is an extension on your browser that realizes it can interact with that site because something in Jetpack, so it inserts ads.

    Another way to test this is to try in a browser you’ve never used before or on a different computer.

    I don’t think it’s a browser extension because I have tested in Chrome, IE and Firefox, the same problem occurs in all of them. A friend of mine have tested and the ads also appears to her, and also the support staff from my hosting provider have made the same test and the ads also appeared to them, so these ads are shown for every visitor of the blog.

    Here are some prints of the problem:

    1. Expected behaviour: when JetPack is disabled no Ads show up on top of the blog. This is the expected behaviour, but even when JebPack is enabled these ads shouldn’t appear, also. Link:

    2. JetPack Enabled – Ads Start to Show On Top of Blog:

    3. More Ads Set when you scroll down. These ones show in Yellow maybe because Google only alows 3 ads per page, the other ones show in yellow:

    So, as you can see, only when I enable JetPack is that these ads will show up on top of the blog, making my visitors think the blog is only about advertising, since the content will only be seen if the user scrool down until she can see the actual content of the page.

    I think someone else has had this same problem as me, but the topic was closed before being solved, so it didn’t help much. Here is the link:

    Since this is for the sake of helping you to diagnose the problem, I will let JetPack activated for a while. You can access the page with this problem on my website at

    Please, let me know when you are done investigating the issue so I can disable JetPack (or apply a fix you may find) so that to avoid loosing some readers and visitors of my website. Thank you.

    Plugin Contributor Brandon Kraft


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    I see the ads too and you’re right, it isn’t a browser extension.

    Jetpack isn’t adding the ads, they’re being added to the wp_head hook just before the Jetpack Open Graph tags, which suggests to me that another plugin or a function in your theme is improperly attaching something onto the_excerpt filter (which Jetpack uses as part of the Open Graph tag creation).

    If you deactivate all other plugins, other than Jetpack, does the problem remain? If so, does switching to a default theme (e.g. Twenty Fourteen) resolve it? I’d like to isolate if there is an ad plugin or theme code that is, my thinking, adding in the ads via the_excerpt.

    Switching to default theme Twenty Fourteen solved the problem, while disabling all other plugins, other than Jetpack, didn’t work. So, what should I do in this case?

    I use zeeDynamicPro theme. It’s not a free theme, but a professional and paid one. Is there some way to fix this in a way I can still use both your plugin and this theme?

    Plugin Contributor Brandon Kraft


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    Since I don’t have a copy of the code, I can’t see what they’re doing. I’d suggest contacting the theme author about this, asking him how he’s using the_except and for his/her help in determining what’s wrong..

    I’ve seen this one other time in a theme that incorrectly tried to echo out the_excerpt (e.g. echo apply_filters('the_excerpt'....instead of returning it for use elsewhere.

    I was seeing ads on my blog too. Just on mobile devices. They were ads for viagra and other such crappy things. Disabling jetpack solved the issue. @brandon, i can re-enable jetpack to help you locate the issue. I hope u find the issue soon. My site-

    Plugin Contributor Jeremy Herve


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    @pankaj2210 Like for @ulyssessoftwares, Jetpack itself isn’t adding the ads. They’re added by a malicious plugin that hooks into the_content and adds some ads there.

    They appear on desktop as well:

    I would suggest that you go through the steps described here, as soon as possible:

    It is possible that the hackers injected the malicious code into an existing plugin like Jetpack, so you’ll need to remove all plugins, and install a fresh version of each one of them to make sure none of them is compromised.

    I hope this helps.

    As another option, I could just remove Jetpack from my blog and everything would be great (as it is right now). Although it is a useful plugin, it’s fairly better to stay with a clean website. It’s much easier for Jetpack developers or WordPress itself to work on solving this problem than I as an individual blogger. Until so, I will keep Jetpack at distance.

    @jeremy Herve

    Plugin Contributor Jeremy Herve


    Jetpack Mechanic 🚀

    @ulyssessoftwares To be clear, Jetpack itself includes no ads at all: not on the frontend, not in your dashboard. You can search through the plugin code here, you won’t find any code that’s adding ads.

    Any ads appearing on your site will have been added by a hacker, either through a malicious plugin, or by editing existing plugin files like Jetpack’s.

    In both cases, deactivating the problematic plugin isn’t really a good solution: the hacker still has access to your site and can edit other plugin files or upload other malicious files. You’ll need to follow the instructions on the link I posted above, and I’d suggest doing it as quickly as possible before the hacker does something worse with your site.

    OK. Thanks for your suggestions.

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