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  • Plugin Author Arnan de Gans



    From your website, these are the features that will not be available in the plugin available here in the WP repository as they are clearly marked with red X’s:

    Weight (visibility)
    Maximum clicks for schedules
    Maximum impressions for schedules
    Fallback group
    Couple adverts to advertisers
    Overview of adverts
    Advertisers submit new ads
    Moderation queue
    Messaging system
    Statistics for advertisers
    Global statistics for admins
    Export statistics
    Email notifications
    Dashboard notifications
    Automated database maintenance

    These features are already present in this version though. Does that page have incorrect information? I’m confused by the contradicting information and would like to plan accordingly.

    Plugin Author Arnan de Gans


    None of those features cripple the plugin if left out as they are not part (or not considered part of) the core plugin.

    If you need those features you’re going to need AdRotate Pro.

    you play with some word here…
    you suppress these feature and let them in the pro version
    need some money ?

    When I purchase a premium theme or plugin, I do it because it offers me something more than the free version. Obviously, your Pro version now offers something more than the free version, but only because you have reduced the functionality of that version. I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that this is the wrong way to encourage people to upgrade.

    It’s dirty and underhanded. Will switch to another plugin. Will not suppport developers who use bait and switch tactics.

    Yeah, AdRotate Free is not same AdRotate anymore. Lot of features was deleted in sake for paid Pro version.

    Read more feedback about it here:

    I have to chime in here as well. What a gross disservice to generate revenue. I have clients that use both the free and pro version. Those who were using free are now trapped by the simple CRIPPLING of the “weight” feature.

    Worse, I am having to delete and re-write all ads that had weight set.

    If anything this is a great reason to download a plugin as opposed to installing it via the back end of WordPress installs. It allows you to keep the older version just in case something like this happens.

    Next thing you know you will have purchased the “PRO” version and along will come the “Super Pro” version and again, features will disappear. Sure, that scenario is lame and unlikely, but to I think it is pretty lame to de-feature a free plugin feature instead of building new, desireable tools like scrolling ad blocks.

    Gee, the last thing you want to do is have people come in here, leave an opinion, a rating and then start shopping for a replacement tool.

    My personal opinion:

    1. Removing a ton of important features from a plugin is crippling the plugin. One guess for why a plugin developer might claim that it isn’t is because he figured it’d be the best way to make money and he would like it to have no downsides. Cognitive dissonance is an amazing feature of human brain that causes our thinking do this: “I made a choice”, combined with “I value my capability for rational thought” so “that choice must be great”.

    The downside of cognitive dissonance is that it disables our ability to learn from mistakes.

    Learning to resist cognitive dissonance is one of the most important steps in learning to learn. If you want to make money, you need to learn to make money, and to be most effective in learning, you must learn to learn. If you want to achieve anything, you’ll benefit greatly from resisting cognitive dissonance.

    2. Based on the feedback here and in, it seems that it would have been far better to leave the features to the back-end code of the free version, add notes to UI that certain features will be removed or restricted in the future, and when it’s time for that, remove the features from UI only, so the update won’t break any existing ad configurations.

    3. Showing respect to others, their feelings and opinions gets you both respect and money in return. It can take thousands of hours to make a good, comprehensive plugin like this. Showing appreciation to users’ points of view – especially when they are seemingly in conflict with the plugin author’s own views – takes a couple of minutes a day and can more than double the long-term income.

    Instead of driving people away it’s better to treat them exceptionally respectfully, so that they will be your brand ambassadors, converting their friends to your future customers.

    4. After you’ve done something that customers feel is wrong, you earn a lot of love with a single “sorry”. And instead of “no” it’s a good habit to say “yes, but”. The purpose of that “yes” is to validate the other’s feelings and concerns. For example: “I understand your concern. The reason I have planned on removing those features is: … Thank you for understanding my situation. Comments are warmly welcome.”

    Comparing my own human interactions before and after the learning of these feels like I possess now super powers that my previous self would have found so amazing they’re borderline unreal. This part of personal development comes a bit by bit. I recommend every step of it.

    A quote from that this plugin change appears to violate (emphasis mine):

    5. Trialware is not allowed in the repository. It’s perfectly fine to attempt to upsell the user on other products and features, but a) not in an annoying manner and b) not by disabling functionality after some time period. Similarly, you cannot “cripple” functionality in the plugin and then ask for payment or provide a code to unlock the functionality. All code hosted by servers must be free and fully-functional. If you want to sell advanced features for a plugin (such as a “pro” version), then you must sell and serve that code from your own site, we will not host it on our servers.

    Well, its funny that no one else seen this before… good point.



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    The plugin’s author is perfectly within his rights to remove features from the free version. This plugin will not be removed from the Plugin Repository. See

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