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AdRotate breaks add-to-cart with Product Variations enabled

  • I’m having issues with my “add to cart” button not showing when test products with variations. Products without variations work fine (I can add them to the cart). Lots of people have had this problem and some have traced it back to a plugin importing an outdated version of JQuery. If I turn off AdRotate the add-to-cart button works.

    I can’t disable AdRotate completely, but I could make a custom sidebar for WooCommerce that doesn’t have any AdRorate code included in it. However, I can’t figure out how to make WooCommerce use a custom sidebar.

    Any ideas? Is there an easier solution that I’m just not seeing? Has anyone else had issues with AdRotate?


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  • Roy Ho


    Perhaps the issue is with AdRotate instead of WC?

    It’s possible. AdRotate might be using an old version of JS. But I don’t have the option of not using the plugin, and I don’t quite know what it would take to update the JS library links. I’m afraid I’ll break something with AdRotate.

    I’m hoping someone else has had the same issue and has figured out a solution.

    Is there a way to tell WooCommerce to use a custom sidebar?

    I can create multiple sidebars in my theme and just not use AdRotate in the WooCommerce sidebar

    Roy Ho


    Well if AdRotate includes their own jQuery library, then they are doing it wrong already. Instead, they should enqueue the library that already comes with WP. That is the proper way to build a plugin.

    There are many other free ad rotate plugins out there, have you tried anything else?

    I haven’t tried other ad plugins in a while. AdRotate works really well – except for this issue.

    Do you know if there is a way to tell Woo to use a custom sidebar?

    Roy Ho


    Well if what you described is a jQuery library conflict, then using custom sidebar or not has nothing to do with it. jQuery is loaded on a page, not sidebar specific.

    Or perhaps your issue is something else entirely? It would help to post URL.

    Unfortunately I don’t have the product posted yet (just preview mode – I have about a thousand RSS subscribers that will see the post if I post it). So a link won’t help.

    I was thinking that if AdRotate wasn’t being used on the page it wouldn’t be called – but I think I remember something about all active plugins being parsed regardless.

    Roy Ho


    Whether the script is loaded or not will depend on the plugin. If the plugins is well coded, it would have considered that and only load when the widget is active.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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