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  • Hello,

    I have been trying to find any kind of documentation or tutorials on how to create dynamic drop down menus for WordPress with Adobe Edge.

    I would like to be able to create actions for the menu in edge and then populate the menu with the main menu option in WordPress.

    If anyone could help me with a starting point I’d appreciate it. I’m not an expert but I can learn pretty quickly if I know the basics of what I’m looking for.


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  • Plugin Author ti2m



    I haven’t tried this before, but it should be possible.

    To begin with I would build a simple static prototype in EA (to test if it all works as you want) which has a couple menu items and the drop down. Set the height of the stage to that of your menu items, stage witdh could be 100%, overflow of the stage needs to be visible.

    Upload the OAM to wordpress and get the ID you would use within a shortcode. Edit your template file and put <?php print edge_suite_view_inline($id) ?> where the menu should appear.

    If all works as desired do the real “fancy” menu and get Edge Commons ( and data injection involved to pull in menu items dynamically.

    Thank you for the response. I will go ahead and try this and let you know how this works out in case anyone else is having issues with this.

    Thank you again!

    Hey valandor, Im trying to accomplish the same objective. Any luck?

    Tim, could you go into a little more detail about how we could integrate the edge animate in our navigation menu?

    Hi sanchitkhera7,

    I really didn’t do much work on this mainly because I decided to just develop my site rather and use WordPress for the back-end. I’ll spend some time today and tomorrow working on this and let you know how it turns out and if it works I’ll let you know what I did to get it working.

    Great! Any luck?

    Plugin Author ti2m


    Hi, like I mentioned before, I would build a fully functional menu with dummy entires for the menu entries and integrate it with <?php print edge_suite_view_inline($id) ?> in the template.

    The next step would be to pull in the menu data from wordpress and inject it into the animation with the help of edgecommons. See

    I’m sorry, but right now I don’t have that much time. If you build a dummy menu then I’m sure I can easily pull the data from wordpress and inject it, just don’t have the time to build a menu.

    Plugin Author ti2m


    Just created a dynamic menu with the menu component from edgedocks. Did make some changes to plugin, have to find the time to clean it up a bit, then I’ll commit it and sent you the OAM.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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