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  • Hello. I’ve created a “Web Gallery” in the “Automate” section of “Adobe CS3” to display a flash gallery within my WordPress site. It exported a folder with a .swf file into a folder I created on my desktop. From there I dragged that folder into my “wp-content” folder within my FTP. Then used the “Kimili Flash Embed” tool to generate the code. I would assume would work with WordPress but so far I’m having issues with it showing up on my posts. Up until this point ive been able to customize my new site but now i’m stumped. How can i get me Adobe Web Gallery to work with WordPress

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  • upload your swf via the plugin’s settings or the tool for it on the page where you want it displayed. I’m not familiar with the actual plugin, but most Media for pages or posts have to be UPLOADED via the Media uploader tool (in that page/post or perhaps in Media Library) to be visible to select via a tool or an insert.

    HTH, but like I said, not that familiar with the specific plugin.

    Hi syncbox. thanks for your reply. Not sure f you’ve used Photoshop CS3 before but if you have you will notice under the “File” “Automate” “Web Gallery” menu, you can create a gallery based on several templates. I’ve tested the html ones on my site and they work fine, but I want to use a particular flash gallery.

    When you batch your photos with the chosen gallery template a folder will be created containing your .swf file. From there I drop the folder and all its contents into my “wp-content/uploads” folder via ftp.

    After that I try posting a file with the following url using the Kimili Flash Embed plugin I downloaded from WordPress which is what you can use to embed swf files.

    So I don’t know what I’m doing wrong exactly. Help is appreciated.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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