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  1. RichardMoux
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I admire the filippa-k.com theme in WP Showcase - minimal with big pics.
    How do I get this look?
    I've checked the code - and it seems to be her own design. But was there a basic theme she started from, that I could play with too?

  2. RichardMoux
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I should add that what I like about her site is that it mixes a 'fixed site', full-screen format with a severely pared-down 'blog' type architecture. I don't intend to copy her look, as we are http://artholiday.com and not clothes.
    What appeals as much as the style, is her ethos : to quote from her Press section - we have 'opened up' and 'we will be sharing our experiences as we go along' . . . and 'the site is created with communications in mind.'

    I enjoy blogging on two wordpress.com sites, and am keen to sign up for a proper grown-up .org site - if I could strip it down to the clean lines she's got [kudos Daytona.se] while introducing a modest element of Glasnost into my business-model,so there can be a certain amount of communication back and forth with our customers.
    Also - I haven't the money to hire a daytona, and I can't do css - but I know a gal who can.

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