Admin/User Role Management or Problem with My Install? (3 posts)

  1. swcomm
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I'm not sure which. I've got everything working on a multisite install, using one domain at the root, and 7 other domains on the subfolder sites. I could not get the domain mapping plugin to work at all -- sent everything into endless redirect loops that I had no idea how to resolve and after 2 days of trying, just gave up. Then, I came across this post, tried it out and it was an absolute breeze -- everything worked perfectly the first time out:


    So here's my question - I'd like my admin users to be able to login via the root site and then manage any of the subsites/domains without having to login individually to each one. It's one company that owns all these sites, and the same admin personnel will be managing them. I can get them assigned to all sites using the Multisite User Management plugin so they see the sites in their Dashboard, but right now, they still have to login to each domain/site when they access the applicable site/domain's dashboard. I'd like that admin role to be a global login - is that possible using Role Management? Or do I have something else going on, due to my funky install?

    Thanks in advance -- I have to say, this is my first install of a WP multisite and kudos to everybody here. After seeing how fabulous it is, I have about a million ideas on how this can be implemented to really suit a variety of client needs. Just wonderful.

    p.s. -- I don't know why I couldn't get the domain mapping plugin to work, because it really seems quite easy and the instructions are quite clear. But, I had a complicated original install, requiring me to use an aliased domain for development, as well as having the 8 domains in question already in use on sites at different hosts that I could not take down while the new multisite was in development. So perhaps that was part of my problem.

  2. The domain mapping plugin handles that login.

    But the users still need to access the backend of each site to manage the content, domain mapped or not.

  3. swcomm
    Posted 5 years ago #

    OK. So what do you suppose might happen if I try to install the domain mapping plugin again, on top of everything I have working already?

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