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  • Plugin Author Cole Geissinger


    Hi therandomguy12345

    Thanks for the great feed back. At this moment, the plugin is setup to display the registration link when registration is setup. Didn’t anticipate some of the new angles that BuddyPress presents with this plugin so at this moment, there is no way to disable via the plugin. However, that is very simple to add, the only hard part for me at the moment is time as I got a lot of things going on at the moment, but plan to get some bugs squashed as soon as I can. This feature I will put on the list, but I cannot say when it will be officially available.

    As for the issue with logging in, not sure why it’s failing with the proper credentials? The “show admin” feature will display a link next to the “sign out” button when you login so that won’t have any affect on your issue there. For now I will take note and see what I can uncover and see if I can replicate and fix.

    Really appreciate the feedback, I’ll try and get things fixed up and rolled out as soon as I can.

    Can you explain to me how I can manually modify the plugin to remove registration from the Modal Login interface?

    I don’t think it is really even necessary to remove the entire registration setup… I just want a way to remove the link from the modal login.

    I’m okay messing around with some code if you lead me through the process (what to do in which files; don’t have to be extremely detailed).

    Please respond as soon as possible. I really do appreciate your plugin and the support that you are providing.

    Plugin Author Cole Geissinger


    sure, if you just want to disable the registration field you’ll want to edit the ‘additional_options’ function in includes/class-wp-modal-login.php.

    Go to line 496 & 497 and just comment those two out by placing two slashes infront of the code and upload that to your server and that should do the trick.

    Thanks, I won’t be able to work until a few days, so I’ll keep this topic open until I know that it works for sure. Thank you very much.

    Plugin Author Cole Geissinger


    Actually, I got you beat; Rolling out a bunch of updates and rolled this option in. Should be available later tonight or tomorrow in v2.0.2

    Has the problem with the denial of the admin credentials been solved?
    If so, how? I’m having the same problem here:
    Wrong Username or Password. I can login through the WP backend with no problems, just not on the plugin in the widget area of the sidebar.

    I’m using the plugin on various sites and never had this problem. it also works on it’s sister site in English. Could it be that it doesn’t work because the site is on a subdomain?

    Resetting the password did not help either.

    Thanks for looking into it.

    I am also having a problem with login. I have a new business site set up which, at this time, only has two Users, both w/Admin priviledges-1 generic company admin, one my personal admin account. When I try to login with the personal Username & Password, it responds w/Wrong Username or Password. With the SAME Username, I can change the password to the company admin password and it will log me in as the co. admin even though I used the personal Username. I have reset both of the passwords to no avail. I never had a problem at all until I added the 2nd company admin account. I have a fairly secure password on the company admin account, but it concerns me that I can login to that account with the proper password NO MATTER what username I use. Any help or direction would be appreciated.

    Plugin Author Cole Geissinger


    @samiotis and @buchananrepair – I know this is a bit of a stretch but seeing what the passwords look like will help me out in this situation 🙂

    It’s possible the sanitization is still too strict and you have some special characters that are being stripped out. As a test, try updating the password to something simple temporarily with only letters and numbers and see if the issue continues. If so, let me know.

    I’ll revisit the code on there to make sure any kind of crazy password will clear with proper security.

    Hi Cole. Thanks for the quick reply. Both of the passwords I mentioned above are simple lowercase letters and numbers. I have begun to login via the /wp-admin page to bypass WP Modal as a work-around, but the problem still persists, and both username/password combinations work just fine at /wp-admin.

    Any other help I can give, just let me know.

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