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  • Allow me to start from the top.

    I own my own domain name and have a small VM instance running Ubuntu Server. I’ve had WordPress on it for about 4 months. Before that, it was being hosted by 1and1. I moved away from them ASAP.

    Yesterday, I discovered that for the last several months after upgrading to WordPress 3.3.1, I hadn’t been receving new comment notifications. Now, I have two accounts, mainly for security. My default posting account is an “editor”, while the actual administrator account is only used when changing site themes, adding plugins, upgrading to new versions of WordPress, etc.

    The e-mail address for the default posting account is “” while the e-mail address for the administrator account is “”. The e-mail address under Settings -> General is “”. In General -> Discussion both email me when:
    – Anyone posts a comment
    – A comment is held for moderation
    is checked.

    Now, I’ve spent most of last night and a few hours this morning working on this problem with no success, but I’ve made “some” progress. I properly set the file/directory permissions for /etc/wordpress and /use/share/wordpress and saw that in the apache2 error log, there were lines about sendmail missing. So I installed sendmail. Now, when an account other than nmy default posting account (or anonymous account) leaves a comment, I get an e-mail at “”. However, I don’t receive e-mails when a comment is held for moderation.

    I installed WP-Mail-SMTP and I am able to receive e-mails using both the PHP mail() function and with SMTP. However, I’m not sent an e-mail when a new comment is left or when a comment is held for moderation.

    I have disabled all of my plugins and switched back to the default them and I still do not receive e-mails on the administrator e-mail. I have read probably 20 different threads on this forum with the same or similar problem and have tried everything without any results.

    The one thing I want to point out is that since I’m running a VM instance, I have root access on my box and there’s nothing I cannot do.

    [No bumping. If it’s that urgent, consider hiring someone.]

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  • One more bump.

    I have the same problem. I run three wordpress blogs and since 3.2.1 I do not receive any emails whenever a comment is posted.

    Last week I installed a fresh WordPress 3.3.1 that has the same issue. I was thinking that maybe the update screwed things up, but a fresh installation still does this.

    I have contact form on my websites and a “Follow” button. I get email whenever someone writes into the contact form (WordPress Plugin) and whenever someone subscribes via “Follow” button, so the mail functions are working fine.

    However, piles of comments add up until I just check because I receive no notifications.

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