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  • In Settings\Discussion section, when I check the option “Before a comment appears An administrator must always approve the comment” WordPress 3.0 is blocking (not showing\posting) my (Admin\Owner) ‘articles’ and article edits. I do not know what the “Moderation Queue” is, but if it is the “Comments” section or subpart thereof, I see nothing in there indicating anything is being held and is awaiting moderation approval. The only way to get article to appear is to uncheck this option. Admin\owner (me) obviously has full scale site authority.

    Several questions all related to this problem:

    1) Can’t WordPress distinguish between an “article” posted by the Admin\Owner and so designated, versus a “Comment” on that ‘article’ posted by a non-admin, non-owner visitor? It appears NOT.

    I am Admin\Owner. Obviously I do not need my own admin blog articles or article revisions to be moderated by anyone else or by me. And Obviously I do not need to send myself an email indicating every time I edit my own blog ‘article.’ But I DO WANT to moderate others’ “Comments” on my ‘articles’ and I DO WANT to get email notifications when someone ELSE posts a “comment” on my ‘article.’

    The Settings\Discussion section does not appear to allow for any distinctions. Either everyone gets moderated including the admin site owner or nobody does. Either I get email notices for all articles, comments and article edits postings including those of the admin\owner, or I get no emails at all on any articles, comments or article edits, regardless whose they are.

    2) If I post an article or article edit I specify that the admin\owner is the author. Doesn’t WordPress realize it does NOT need to be moderated or Email noticed??

    3) How can I stop moderation and Email notices on my own Admin\Owner articles and edits, while maintaining moderation and Email notices for all other non-admin, non-owner comments? It seems rediculous I even have to ask this question.

    4) I call my own original admin\owner posts “Articles” and all visitor posts that remark on those articles I call “Comments.” Am I correct in concluding that WordPress does NOT make this distinction, but instead sees all posts by anyone including the admin\owner as “Comments” by non-admin, non-owner visitors? (utterly nonsensical if true).

    last question . . .

    5) Each of my admin\owner ‘article’ edits generates a new item entry listed under “Recent Comments.” How do I get WordPress to distinguish between admin\owned ‘article’ edits (revisions) versus “Comments” submitted by non-owner, non-admin visitors, so that the “Recent Comments” section only lists “Comments” submitted by non-owner, non-admin visitors. Obviously no admin\owner wants to post each and every single one of his\her numerous article ‘edits’ as though they were separate visitor comments.

    Help if you can . . . cause I can’t figure it out.

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  • 1) none of that is true and is not normal
    admins can’t post and publish unrestricted
    you need to look into what could be causing this

    2) same as above

    3) it should work by default – haqve you added any plugins or changed any code that would affect this?

    4) you keep repeating yourself

    5) huh?

    Thanx — you’ve answered my question.

    As for question #5, it seems related. Whenever I the admin\owner simply edit \ revise a pre-existing article I have written, a new entry is posted under my “Recent Comments” listing. Likewise, whenever I the admin\owner post a new article and designate the admin\owner as the author, a new entry is posted under my “Recent Comments” listing AND I receive an Email notice that a new Comment has been posted (when I check the option “Before a comment appears An administrator must always approve the comment”).

    You seem to be quite certain this is NOT normal and is a malfunction.

    Plug-ins = 7 = Customizable Permalinks, Quotes Collection, Subscribe2, WordPress Database Backup, wp-cache, Add to My Yahoo! Button

    The ‘repeating myself’ thing is because the same problem seems to be manifesting itself in several different ways.

    have you disabled your plugins and tested?

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