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  • Hi there-
    I’m working on a blog that has two users that post and write pages to it. We modified the database so they would each be Level 10 (same level as Admin), enabling them to write/edit/delete at will without having to e-mail the admin to do so.
    When one of the Level 10 users clicks on Manage->Pages in the dashboard, she can’t see any of the pages that I’ve (Admin) created for the original site, even though we both have the same permission level. Also, when she created a page (logged in as herself) and put the author as being “Admin,” she couldn’t edit or even see the page after she saved it.

    So… I’m guessing that even though a user can have the same access control as an Admin, they still can’t create/edit/delete any pages written by an Admin – even if they log in themselves and put the author of a page down as “Admin.”

    Not sure if this occurs with posts, but since I’m not creating any blog post content for the customer… I guess we’ll have to try that. 😉

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  • You didn’t really have to make your users User Level 10 to let them create and edit posts. Unfortunately, version 1.5.x intends that users of the same User Level can’t edit posts written by users with the same User Level.

    That said, on this thread, parasew listed a change that may help you.

    I implemented parasew’s hack and it didn’t really work for me. It let users of the same level see and click “Edit” on another user’s post, but when you go to “Save” the changes on the other user WordPress complains “You are not authorized to post as this user”

    Hmm, interesting… although it still doesn’t explain why WordPress allowed the user to create a Page putting Admin as the author (under her non-Admin login name) and not be able to view or edit it after that.

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