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    Hello–I am having someone do some work on my site; I also see that there are a couple of user levels in the “add user” category–Can a user other than an admin do work within my site and not have access to Shopping Cart settings, etc. that I don’t want them to see/have access to? Or, is there a permission level in php that you can assign so eliminate any risk? Thanks,

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  • It depends upon what work you want this other person to carry out on your site. Try reviewing Roles_and_Capabilities

    You can install this plugin User Role Editor and this will give you control over what each role can do if you are admin.

    Thanks for the info.
    I’m still a little ignorant of the ins/outs of WP–So I’m using a theme called Themeforest/Furniture Store, and the info I want to protect is in the store setup. Will different areas/populate if I install the User Role Editor plugin?

    I think it should as I have it my website and it give a full list of admin panel

    I am not sure I understand your response. I checked out your site. I’ll probably use your for some info in the future.

    when you install the plugin I mentioned above it will give options on what ones you want activated or deactivated for the Role or you can create one

    OK–Thanks, GP–

    You are welcome

    OK-Installed, only choices are to set rules for author, editor, contributor, or subscriber. Should I set this person to be an author vs. an admin?

    You are the admin so you have all privileges It all up to you or you can create one

    Maybe I am not explaining well enough (or don’t understand WP enough).

    Per my previous post, it doesn’t appear that I can add an admin as a user.
    There are only four (4) categories of users that are available.

    Should I set this person as an author?

    You said that you installed User Role Editor in Users Label you will find a link to open the plugin and that is where you will be able tick for each Role

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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