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    Im new to wordpress and blogging and we have created a sight for our school

    its looking good well i think so.can you help !Is the following possible?
    Can I allocate a teacher to be an administrator of a category.Why would I want this?
    lets say I want an english class to be responsible for a category so that they can publish thier school work.
    I dont want to be recieving emails letting me know that i need to approve thier unpublished posts. It would seem logical for thier english teacher to recieve those emails and then preview the students work and make a judgement about publishing them. Is this set up possible!!!!!
    thanks Jeff mcpherson

  2. moshu
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Just to clarify: if you managed to make WP to send you an email notification when a user posts a post as Draft - not comment, a POST! - then please, please, share with us the solution... I could never find it.

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