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    As well as online courses, we also run classroom courses. I want to use LifterLMS purely as an admin tool for us to track students and courses, and issue certificates – a back-end student management system. I don’t want them having to register. I will bulk load names and emails , enrol them on a course, and issue the certificates. This is proving surprisingly hard on really basic things.

    is there a good way to do this?

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    Hi @twohills,

    I understand that you are looking for an easy way to manually bulk-register and bulk-enroll students in you WordPress administration dashboard. You also mentioned you want to award certificates to these students after course completion. Let me see how we can help you here.

    To bulk-register your students in WordPress Dashboard > Users, you can install and activate the Import Users from CSV plugin by Andrew Lima. With this plugin, all you need to do is upload a CSV file, containing the following fields or columns: user_login, user_email, user_pass (this can be blank), first_name, last_name, display_name, role (set this to student).

    Once you have your CSV file ready, you can go to WordPress Dashboard > Users > Import From CSV > CSV file to upload your CSV file. Please make sure to also check Notification > Notification Send to new users if you want your students to receive an email notification that they are registered to your website. Note that while this plugin worked in my local testing environment when creating new users, LifterLMS cannot always guarantee 100% compatibility with any 3rd party plugin you end up using. We caution everyone to always back up their website before installing any plugin.

    Once you have bulk-registered your students using their names and email addresses, you can now bulk-enroll them to any courses you want. To do this, please go to WordPress Dashboard > Users and select all the students you want to bulk-enroll. Then, click on the Select a Course/Membership dropdown to select the course or membership where you want to enroll all these selected students. Once you click on the desired course or membership, click on the Enroll button beside the Select a Course/Membership dropdown.

    Finally, to automatically award certificates to your students after they finish a course, first you need to create a certificate template. You can do this by going to WordPress Dashboard > Engagement > Certificates > Add Certificate Template. Make sure you do these two very important things when creating a certificate template (or else you will run into problems): type an actual certificate template title on the Add title (for internal use only) and type an actual title on the Certificate of Achievement field. In particular, do not leave the Certificate of Achievement field blank. If you want to use “Certificate of Achievement” in the Certificate of Achievement field, you have to manually type that too (this is because the “Certificate of Achievement” is just a placeholder or prompt, it’s not an actual text unless you manually type an actual text yet).

    Once you publish your certificate title, you can then create an engagement to automatically award certificates to your students once they finish a course. To do that, please go to WordPress Dashboard > Engagement > Add Engagement and add an engagement title. Set the Triggering Event to Student completes a course. Set Engagement Type to Award a Certificate. Under Select an Engagement, select the certificate template you created earlier. Finally set the Engagement Delay to 0 before publishing your engagement.

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    thanks very much.

    i found the upload CSV plugins. Actually I tested a few and I liked the richer functionality of the WebToffee one https://wordpress.org/plugins/users-customers-import-export-for-wp-woocommerce/

    i hadnt found that bulk enrolment, thankyou. Actually I just tried sit and it’s not much help. If I add 20 new students into hundreds already there I have no way to find them to select them. I have to do them one by one.

    I don’t understand the significance of not leaving the title blank. It doesn’t seem to be used anywhere, it is the internal title that is used. I still haven’t worked out what the one on the certificate is actually for.

    i know how to then create an engagement . I have to use enrolment for the trigger to issue the certificate, because there appears to be no way for me to bulk or individually mark a student’s course complete. ( some of my courses are happening outside WP, I just want to record attendance and issue certificate)

    Nor is there any way to insert the course name in to the certificate at award time, so a separate template is needed for every course.

    finally, how the heck do I email them the certificate pdf??

    these are the things I’m struggling with so far, that I naively expected to be straightforward.

    Thanks for helping!

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    Hi @twohills,

    I’m happy you found the Export and Import Users and Customers plugin by WebToffee.

    Regarding the bulk enrollment, while I can provide other ways to do it, they all feature the same step: you will need to manually find each student and add them to a “list”. For example, if you open up a course in the back-end, you can scroll down and look for the Student Management > Enroll New Students section. In the section, you can add as many students as you want in a long list, before you click the Enroll Students button.

    As for the certificate title on the actual certificate itself, if you don’t replace Certificate of Achievement with an actual text (or just the placeholder as is), your student will get a blank certificate thumbnail when they visit the “My Certificates” section of their student dashboard page.

    For courses inside LifterLMS, you can actually mark your student’s course as complete as the administrator. To do this just go to WordPress Dashboard > LifterLMS > Reporting and click on your students name. This will load the reports page for that student. On that Courses tab of that student’s reports page, click on the course you want to mark as complete. This will load the course syllabus in a table. On the Actions column of each lesson row, you will find a checkbox (hovering over each checkbox shows the Mark Complete tooltip). Click on all these checkbox to complete all the lessons for your student. Once all the lessons are marked as complete, then the course is complete.

    As for inserting the course name at award time, yes you are correct. You will need to create a different certificate template for each course.

    Finally, if you want to send the PDF of your awarded certificate to your student, you have two options: (1) you can download the certificate your self, or (2) you can send a publicly shareable link to the certificate itself.

    To download the PDF yourself, just open the awarded certificated in WordPress Dashboard > Engagements > Awarded Certificate. Hover over the certificate you want and click on View. This will open up the certificate page. At the bottom of the certificate page are three buttons: Print, Save, and Enable sharing. Click on Save to download the PDF and manually email it to your student.

    To send a publicly shareable link, just click on Enable sharing and then send the link to that same certificate to your student. Note that there is no Save button when your students open the link. So as a work-around, you can just instruct them to click on “print” the certificate as a PDF (e.g., using Ctrl + P on Windows.)

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    wow, thanks for all that.

    i’m resigned to it being tedious and error prone. I naively thought it would be easier. I cant even find an automation plugin that can do it.

    thanks again!

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