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    i’ve been spending countless hours with this plugin trying to make my changes take effect.

    I’m trying to give the editors the right to view and edit Pages, Articles, Medias and Appearance > Widgets.

    I’ve managed to only display Pages, articles, medias. But it’s impossible to make the Widgets page visible to them.

    i’ve tried purging the cache many times, using the “uninstall option” which deleted all of my settings (why does it do that?) and import settings from other wp sites of mine, which makes most sections disappear…

    I’ve been using this much needed plugin for a while but never have managed to make it work exactly the way I needed.

    Can you please help. .

    PS: I’ve updated to 2.7.


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  • Plugin Author Frank Bueltge


    What you mean with >I’ve updated to 2.7.
    You should use a actually WP version, like 4.5 and also the last version of Adminimize – 1.10.3.

    The uninstall option is for delete the settings in the database, to remove all data of the plugin, like for reset or uninstalling.

    On the import from a other export, you can only import data, there you have a option in the install. It is important, that Adminimize get all options from the install before you import. You should update the settings of Adminimize before install, the chance for the plugin to get all data.


    Okay, I must have read the wrong update of your plugin. I’ve updated it to the latest version, and so is wordpress.

    The fact is, for editors, I deactivated all of the the menu items under appearance except Widgets (and the parent menu item “appearance”) of course. but it doesn’t show in the menu when logged in as an editor.

    Can you please tell me why? I’ve cleaned the browser cache.

    I read somewhere than you don’t really speak english. May I suggest google translate? it’s not flawless but might help.

    Thanks a lot. Feel free to send me your email if you’d like to take a closer look to my setup. Thanks!

    I’m facing the same issue too. I feel that this plugin is great but I ran into some problems. After “deactiving” certain features from my authoers, I’m not able to “reactivate” them. Could we find some help on this? Thanks!

    Hi Frank,
    I have a similar issue…
    I have removed all the tick selections from the Adminimize Menu options.
    But not all of the menu sections are showing. Even the Plugins section is not showing, I therefore cannot uninstall Adminimize, even if I wanted to.
    I can see the WP Updates screen, so I can update the Adminimize plugin from 1.10.2 to 1.10.4. Would you advise I try that next Frank?
    My WP Version is: 4.1

    Plugin Author Frank Bueltge


    You can only see all items of the menu after a update of the Adminimize settings. Also please use the update of the plugin to the last stable version, is always fixes and more solid functions. But after the update you should check each setting, that it work. Often have a lot of options new slugs, IDs from the install and Adminimize read this dynamically.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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