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  • Hi Frank..
    before i begin..i must say Adminimize has been of the the best plugins that i have laid my hands on so far…nd i had never faced any issues so far untill now..Now with the latest 1.7.17 version I have been facing a few issues–

    1) an old/previous author username doesn’t take any new adminimize backend settings..though new author usernames take the adminimize backend settings but again only..partially..
    Like today..the visual editor simply dissapeared for that username..if i disable/enable for example my categories meta box it works..but no luck with visual editor display…Visual editor is working fine for other usernames..but somehow it is not picking up post page settings for different user the old author username and new author username have different diplays..(even though they are of the same user levels) wierd is that..?!!

    2) Also in in global just doesn’t seem to be hiding
    ——ID/CLASS—Admin Color Scheme —–option—-(#your-profile .form-table fieldset)

    so i used———option—— #your-profile .form-table .show-admin-bar
    amd this works..!! 🙂

    3) related to point 2) can you tell me what option—- to use for ‘visual editor’ and ‘keyboard shortcuts’…I have tried all options..I understand it is diffrent from a class..but i couldn’t crack it..i need to disable them for all different users levels..

    FYI–i use role scoper as well other plugins (which are all 100% compatible with lates WP version,,)..i have diabled and enabled all plugins one by one..but somehow these errors are the same…i feel adminimize 1.7.17 version needs some tweaking…

    any help/suggestions would be appreciated..

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  • Also..I notice that the footer amnd header…which was completely hidden shows up as wordpress footer and then it dissapears when the page loads completly..(if i hide header snd footer)..

    Is this by adminimize design..? wasn’t like this never used to show up..even if the page load up time is slow..I was also reading about this someone else in this version..just thought..that i wud like to confirm a similar error in my case..

    Keep up the gd wrk Frank..we need you..!!

    Maybe its a problem with wordpress..

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