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  • I’m having a bizarre issue where the adminbar is not appearing on the main pages of my site regardless of what theme I use.

    The bizarre part is that I made a basically identical version of the site on another server and the admin bar works there perfectly fine. I copied the entire html directory from one server to another (including all file permissions). I backed up the database and restored it to the other server. I naturally had to modify the database and configuration for the domain name of the second server, but that is all I did. When I login to the second server, all the content/users/configuration is identical. I have tediously gone through both servers and verified that every configuration setting is identical.

    On the original server, I have switched to the TwentyTen theme (and other themes) and the admin bar does not appear on any main pages. On the second server, I have switched to TwentyTen and the admin bar does appear.

    On both systems I am running WordPress 3.5.1 in MultiSite mode with only 1 site currently there. The adminbar functions perfectly fine in the backend of the server (the /wp-admin area) but not on the main pages.

    The two systems have the identical .htaccess file with the exception that RewriteBase is /foo/ on the original and / on the second server.

    There are only two differences I can see between the servers:

    1. Directory installation – on the original server, WordPress multisite is installed in a subdirectory of the main site, i.e. On the second server it is installed at the top of the domain, i.e.

    2. Different Linux and PHP installations – the original server is Ubuntu Linux and the second server is CentOS. For PHP, the original server has these packages that the second does not:


    The second server has these PHP packages that the original does not:


    Outside of that, I can’t see any real difference between the installations.

    I should note that prior to doing all this, I had:

    • Read every post I could find here in the forums on missing adminbars.
    • Tried different themes (and found the admin bar still missing)
    • Deactivated all plugins
    • Verified that the “Show Toolbar” checkbox in user profiles was in fact checked
    • Verified that themes have wp_head() and wp_footer() in the correct places
    • Checked that #wpadminbar in CSS was not set to none.
    • Done everything else short of doing a full manual reinstall that I could find in the forums.

    I went through the process of making this second site to see if there was a theme issue I could somehow fix. However, when the adminbar worked perfectly fine on the second server, I started digging in further.

    Any ideas on this? Is there an issue with the adminbar not working in multisite installations that are in a subdirectory/subfolder? Or am I missing anything from the original server in terms of PHP components?

    I should note that the adminbar did work in our installation with the same theme a few versions of WordPress ago. It stopped working at some point and I’ve lost track of what version of WordPress it was – and unfortunately what changes, if any, we made to our theme after that. I also don’t know if changes were made by our hosting provider to the underlying server since the time it was working. So I’m just trying to figure out where to look next.

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  • I will also note that on the original server I’m also getting an error when trying to preview a post (hitting the Preview button):

    You do not have permission to preview drafts.

    In researching this issue, it makes me think again I have some kind of rewrite issue going on here.

    And this works perfectly fine on the second server where the exact same WordPress MultiSite installation is installed at the top level of the server.

    Since it’s definitely not a theme issue or a plugin issue i’m assuming something’s wrong with the installation.

    But first, try switching the permalinks to default, to make sure it’s not an issue with the URL rewriting.

    If you get the issue with permalinks turned off then try reinstalling WordPress (WP Admin -> Dashboard -> Updates (sidebar menu) -> Re-install now).

    Thanks for the suggestion – and yes, I did try switching the permalinks to default and it still didn’t work. I’ve tried pretty much everything I could find in the forums short of a reinstallation… and I was in fact planning to do a reinstallation when I found that it worked fine on my second server!

    The frustrating part is that the second site that works fine is an exact copy of the first site – with the only modification being the wp-config.php, .htaccess, and then fields in the database. I literally just tar’d up the wordpress directory on the original server and copied over that and a database backup.

    So I’m back to thinking that maybe this is a .htaccess issue or something silly where it’s not rewriting URLs correctly.

    This exact issue is happening to me. I tar’d up my multisite installation and moved it to a different server – but on WP 3.5.1.

    I suspect htaccess as well. But no luck yet. Please let us all know if you figure it out.

    Thank you

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