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  • I’ve done an auto-update from 3.0.5 to 3.1, everything was right.

    I have several blogs on the same WP instance (multiblog), everything is fine (and fast) on the FRONT. The blogs are OK.
    But the BACK (admin) is VERY slow, like 2 min to open a page…!

    I have no idea…so i had to go backl to 3.0.5 🙁

    Anybody having the same problem ?

    I have this extensions:
    AddToAny Version .
    Akismet Version 2.4.0
    Postcasa Shortcode Version 1.0
    Google Analytics for WordPress Version 4.0.9
    jQuery Colorbox Version 1.0
    Viper’s Video Quicktags Version 6.3.0
    WP-Syntax Version 0.9.9

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  • I’m having the same problem. I, too, have a multisite. None of my plugins are activated. Since I only use a few, I’m even going through and deleting them and it doesn’t seem to be having an effect so I don’t think it’s a plugin issue.

    Perhaps a multisite issue?

    Yes. My extensions are different, but I have found the new LINK option is painfully slow. I’d love to roll back just that feature.



    I miss how the links used to autocomplete based on previews things for that field. I don’t need the in-site linking as much as I need that. If anyone knows how to do a rollback, I’d like to know.

    In general, everything is going slow for me since the 3.1 upgrade. Front an back.

    coffeehero – Yes. My extensions are different, but I have found the new LINK option is painfully slow. I’d love to roll back just that feature.

    Do you think the admin is very slow because of this NEW link option ?

    Still have the problem. 🙁
    I’ve made a new upgrade, everything was fine, no error messages during the process.

    The blogs works pretty well, but the admin is VERY VERY slow…
    I’ve put all the plugins off. Still the same problem !



    very weird. Do you have any custom code in your functions.php? Sometimes I find things in there can mess me up.

    OK i just find the solution !
    I’ve removed the admin bar for the admin and everything is fine.

    I’m in Worpress multiblog. For the super-admin the admin bar make the back very slow. For a “normal user” tha bar works well.



    ah! I’m sorry I didn’t think of that. The very first thing I did was put the code in the functions php to disable it for all users (it conflicted with sidebar login stuff I’d already put in and css styling.)

    Glad you figured it out!

    ianaleksander – Devs are aware of the autocomplete issue and are looking into that.

    takezo.akira – Dump your browser cache and let it re-build. Once you’ve cached some stuff, it SHOULD speed up a bit.



    great, good to hear! Thanks!

    OK for everybody who have a very slow admin after upgrading to 3.1, in a multiblog site, here is a solution : remove the admin bar for the super-admin.
    For some reasons the admin bar works well for a basic users but when activated for the super-admin the backend is VERY slow.

    Hope it can help somebody…

    I think it’s related to a proxy problem. Cause i’m behind a proxy.
    Maybe the admin bar for the super-admin is trying to connect somewhere (without proper proxy settings) ?
    And for a basic user it does not try to connect.

    It shouldn’t be pinging anywhere though … It DOES get a list of your sites on MultiSite, and I can envision that slowing down things if you have a lot of sites.

    It’s because of the NAT.
    Somebody tell me that the admin bar is pinging itself.

    I’m not expert but it’s about that :



    I tried removing the admin bar from my profile, but after a 5 minute wait, the profile page re-appeared with the check boxes re-checked after I’d unchecked them! Is there another way of getting rid of the bar?


    this latency is killing me…….where and how do we remove that admin bar? just saying “remove the admin bar” doesn’t explain “how?” we’re not behind a nat, and this problem only cropped up after the 3.1 “upgrade”…..usually the word “upgrade” is suppose to mean better, but with wordpress it always seems to be “hey let’s beta test this on people in the real world who’ll give us some REAL feedback!! here’s the feedback: 3.1 sucks if you have a multisite (unless you actually enjoy 3-5 minute waits on your your edit updates) …..can you say “let’s go grab some coffee and maybe when we get back the edit will be updated, unless it goes 501 once again!!

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