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    I’m supporting a WordPress site. I am able to Preview a post (draft and published) but my client is not, while using the exact same credentials to log in to the site, which is an Admin user. We both use FF13 and have tried deleting cookies, clearing cache and logging back in to WP. The problem persists for her. Since she’s the one maintaining content, it’s critical that she can do preview. I read a bunch of posts related to similar issues but none seem to be fitting this description since I am able to view Preview just fine on my machine. Any ideas besides clearing cache and trying it on a different browser?

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    Just a random idea…

    Have her try from home, I once had a client who was running a ClearOS firewall and some custom intrusion detection software on the ClearOS firewall and it blocked certain URLs and URL query strings as well as .js.

    Whether this happens only for her or else for no one its showing up?

    OK, small clarification. When she tried to preview a draft, it gives her the 404 page. If she tries to preview an existing post, it says “You have no permissions..”. Not sure if that means anything one way or another.
    I’ll ask her to try this from home and will report back.

    Thanks for any insights in the meantime.

    So we checked a couple other machines here and this person was not able to use Preview on either of those. Since these are both on the same network I asked her to try this at home.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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