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  • Resolved Koinseb


    I have a multi site WordPress, some of the sites use a mapped domain.

    The sites with the mapped domains are missing the black admin toolbar at the top for authenticated users.
    The sites that don’t use a mapped domain show the black admin toolbar as usual.

    WordPress MU Domain Mapping, Version
    WordPress core Version 5.2.1

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  • kalico


    Hi @koinseb – did you ever resolve this? My mapped domains using the WPMUDEV plugin for domain mapping suddenly failed massively a couple weeks ago out of the blue. I eventually disabled the plugin, and got things working more or less using default WP mapping capabilities. However, I am still getting a redirect loop in wp-admin when I click on links in admin that point to the mapped sites. And my admin users lost their toolbar.

    The fact that you are using a different plugin than I was using but still had the same problem is quite alarming! I just don’t think the native functionality is up to the task, or else it is conflicting with something else. Problem is, it’s a live site (I don’t map domains on my sandbox site) so I can’t really test it easily.

    Let me know if you learned anything that might help!



    Hi @kalico,

    I did resolve it, but it was something specific to my setup (so likely not applicable for you):

    I use OpenID authentication (a custom implementation), and it turned out that the site didn’t recognize that the user is authenticated while using the mapped domain ( the user object was empty, so is_user_logged_in() returned false).

    Solution for me was to configure OpenID specifically so that wp-login and wp-admin for the mapped domain (not just the main domain) require authentication, that way the user object was valid even for the mapped domain.

    Again, specific to my setup – but hopefully it helps somebody.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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