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  1. jroefs
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hi Guys,

    My site runs through HTTP but I like my modding done more securely.
    Therefor, I changed the WordPress URI to HTTPS. This screwed up my site for all IE7 users. Apparently, by changing the WordPress-address-setting I've changed the location of all images and such. IE7 sees this as a privilege violation and blocks certain parts of the website. So, for the sake of user experience, I had to remove the HTTPS...

    My request: create a different address-field that determines the admin-part of a WordPress site.

    I've search through WordPress forums and Google but was not able to find anyone ever addressing this. Of course it is quite possible I missed the solution to this. If I did, please accept my appologies and point me in the right direction...

    - J

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