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    Troubles for several weeks now accessing my sidebar in admin to change widgets, etc. I am able to post and perform other maintenance but when i click on my drop down or try to drag anything to my sidebar area it’s like grayed out, frozen, basically not accessible. I can’t make any changes.. help please.

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  • In Appearances->Widget under Screen Options, try the Enable accessibility mode.

    I have been looking at this off and on all day and cannot locate an “enable accessibility mode” option under my appearance-> widget menu anywhere. I have looked at every single drop down i can find and feel like I have tried everything.. I am frozen up still.. any other suggestion?

    @ tweetmyrss:

    Under the ‘Appearance’ heading in your Admin panel, click on the ‘Widgets subcategory.

    Now look at the top right hand corner of the screen.

    Underneath the greeting that says something like ‘Howdy XYZ Person’, there is a clickable option called ‘Screen Options’.

    Click on that and it will/should open up a dropdown menu bar that has the link ‘Enable accessibility mode’.

    Click on that and wait for the widgets page to refresh and try fiddling with your sidebar again.

    If you continue to have problems even after enabling accessibility mode, let us know what version of WP you are running (is it 2.9X?) and what browser you are using.

    Also, is the WP install new or is it older and did you have this problem before or is it only now?


    Thanks EMG.. I really appreciate your help. I am currently running 2.9.2 but it was doing it before I upgraded… which surprised me that it allowed the upgrade.. was hoping that might fix it.. but yeah I tried “screen options” and I can’t even get a drop down menu to enable anything. Some options are frozen while others are fine..

    This is a crazy one. I am usually able to figure it out but this thing has me totally stumped. I called my host who took a close look at it and said it was a wp issue.. i honestly have no idea. It is probably something I did.. unintentionally. Whatever the case it has me hosed up big time. I will be happy to do whatever it takes.

    Thanks again.


    Hi Glen!

    Oh man, that’s got to be a frustrating one. Can you remember back to when the issue first started happening? Was this when you first installed WP or did this eventually just ‘happen’ at some point when you were using WP?

    Also, what browser are you using? Does changing browsers help any?

    Are there any other WP-related problems you’re experiencing or just the Sidebar issue alone?

    Also, can you try deactivating your plugins and seeing if that helps any?

    I have heard of some people having issues with their sidebar widgets freezing in similar manners because of plugin issues.

    Deactivate your plugins one by one and try accessing your sidebar widgets again and seeing if that helps any.

    If it does help, then your culprit is a plugin whose coding somehow interferes with the sidebar. If not, it still might be a plugin problem in which case: if possible, make a backup of your non-WP-bundled plugins and after deactivating them all, delete them all and then reload your WP admin panel and see if that clears out the problem.

    I hope the resolution comes swiftly!

    EMG… Two Words.. “You Rock”.. that did it. I deactivated my plugins and went ahead and deleted them all. Sidebar is working like a charm. Not sure which one caused it.. right now I don’t care.. lol.

    Great advice. I am back in action! You have no idea how much I appreciate your help. FYI.. I go back and forth between Chrome and Firefox… used to be all FF guy but dang it runs slow now a lot. Chrome has issues too but at least it is faster.. at least on my computer. But yeah it was doing it on every other browser i tried too. We got it though.. it was a plug in .. you nailed it.

    Thanks again so much.


    Awesome! 😀

    I’m very glad I could be of assistance!

    Now that you know that it is a plugin that creates such troubles, when you activate plugins in the future, I would recommend keeping an eye out for this same issue.

    How I would do it would be to activate my plugins one by one and checking to see if I get any problems (eg: sidebar problems) with each new plugin activation and install. This will allow you to catch the problem early as opposed to later and will allow me to troubleshoot the plugin that is causing the trouble.

    Hopefully this problem never comes back, but if it does, you will know how to troubleshoot it again. 🙂

    In regards to web browsers, I always keep a few different browsers around to help troubleshoot cross browser compatibility issues. Opera has become a recent favorite as it is lightweight (Firefox has become bloated and slower for me as well) and I use Chrome as well. It’s great to have alternatives is how I view things.

    Good luck with your WordPress!

    ~ EMG

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