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  • In the post and page section, it lists each page and every post made. Is there a way to “file” these so they don’t just “adding” to page length? These are posted pages and posts so they aren’t pending. I hope my question is clear enough.

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  • Hi lukstruk,

    I think I know what you mean but if not please correct me.

    WordPress uses pagination in in the Posts and Pages section of the Dashboard. You can choose how many posts/pages you would like to appear per page. For example, in the Edit Posts section, click “Screen Options” at the top of the page. Have a look at the image linked below.

    This will pull down an options menu where you can then select how many posts you want to appear per page. Have a look at the linked image below.

    You can do the same for pages. Hopefully this is what you meant.

    Thank you for trying. I did not explain it very well. In the Page section or the Post section on the dashboard, the pages/posts just keep adding up. Like 10 or 15 pages/posts then you can move to the next page for more. If I post a page or just a post how many pages add up? Do they drop off or just delete at the end? All posts are listed in the dashboard and seem to stay there even after posting. Is there a way to “file” or “save” them to another folder so I have a fresh dashboard Post section when I log in getting ready to add more posts.

    I simply like a clean workspace and having pages of posted posts staring me in the face every time I log in seems like a waste. I do see a filter at the top for “x” month. But again, how many months add up before I have a 100 or 200 pages/posts on my dashboard. These are in the dashboard only not the “view/public” side of my blog.

    I hope this helps understand my question. Again Lenk, thank you for trying to read my mind. LOL

    I seem to be able to lesson my view of the number of posts via the screen you kindly provided a picture of. But what if I have this blog for years to come and I end up with hundreds of pages? Is there a way to file them in the WP blog or do all of you just let them add up to infinity?

    Again, Lenk, I totally appreciate the trouble you went to to show me exactly what you’re talking about trying to help. If I still am not coming through, I could try and do the same thing view wise.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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