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  • The left side menu in WordPress 3.5.1 keeps collapsing on me. I click the bottom button to expand the menu, but when I click any other link on the page, the menu starts out collapsed again.

    Is there a setting somewhere that I might have clicked to accidentally set this as the normal setting?

    How do I get it to stay expanded?

    *this happens in all browsers, IE, Firefox, Chrome

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  • I just did a 100% uninstall and reinstall no plugins default theme, no changes, and the install starts out with the menu collapsed. Each click still leads me to a collapsed menu.

    I have hundreds of other WordPress sites on this server, and this is a first for me.. so totally stumped.

    Is anyone else having the problem where when you open your WordPress admin page, the left sidebar is collapsed, and even after expanding it, it re-collapses on every page click?

    yep, same problem here. Just started a few minutes ago and it’s sooooo annoying. I manage quite a few WordPress sites, on this server and on other servers. This is the only install it’s happening on.

    I have no idea why, but the problem went away all on its own yesterday. I changed NOTHING, and I mean nothing on the website. It is confusing, because it is not browser related as it happened in all browsers. Go figure….

    I have no idea why, but the problem went away all on its own yesterday. I changed NOTHING, and I mean nothing on the website. It is confusing, because it is not browser related as it happened in all browsers. Go figure….

    I have the exact same problem as well. You say it just went away? jamespaulsandel, any luck?

    @gzabrisk, in my case, it seemed to be related to the 2012 theme. I installed one of my themes, and the problem went away. Not sure what to make of it. If I establish any further info, I’ll post back.

    @jamespaulsandel, thanks for letting me know! I just tired two other themes (one of my own and another from the themes library) and nothing changed. I’ll keep trying. I appreciate hearing anything you find out!

    @jamespaulsandel, I just completely reinstalled WordPress and the menu is working fine now. Weird…

    Yep. Now I’m dealing with the same – very annoying – problem. I haven’t done a complete reinstall as I’ve just spent several hours tweaking my theme (suffusion). I’m using that same theme on another site without any problem.

    This didn’t happen until I collapsed the menu manually.

    Since then, I’ve
    1) deactivated all my plugins – no success
    2) automatically re installed WP v 3.5.1 – no success
    3) deleted cache – no success

    Anyone have other ideas?

    Anyone have other ideas?

    Yep, your chances of getting help are much greater if you start your own thread. Even if your issue seems the same, it’s unlikely that it’s actually identical..

    Same problem here, but only for the site’s Editor. No problems for Admin role! Annoying.

    I had this issue on version 3.5.1. After reinstalling several times, clearing my cache, history, cookies, DNS cache, etc etc to no avail, I went into the server side of things to see if I could figure it out there.

    I found that I could modify the WP tables in the database to unfold/un-collapse the admin menu. I modified the wp_usermeta table. I changed “wp_user-settings” from “mfold=f” to “mfold=t” and that seemed to solve the problem.

    This was so frustrating! Hopefully that helps some of you!

    Ive been struggling with this too – for about a month on and off. Just solved it but differently – Possibly this might help trigger a memory of a common point for someone else.

    I use twenty ten – and version wp 3.51. I had adminimize installed – but when deactivating and testing for all plugins – no difference and so I finally removed it – no difference – menu still auto collapsed on clicking any sub-menu item.

    One thing I did just test was the creation of a new user account – as a new admin and as a new subscriber. The Problem stopped when logged in as the new user and the new admin. So I am going to delete my original/old admin account – and use the new admin account. I dont know why this happened – possibly I selected or edited some code at some point somewhere specific to the original admin account – but that seems to resolve the collapsing nav menu for me…. ( I do remember at some some point – reading about a method for creating this type of a feature – default collapsing the nav admin menu to just display the icons, but i can’t find it now as mugh as I’ve tried to…. I hope this is helpful. Jim

    I was having the same problem. I traced back my steps – but ended up creating a new user admin – then deleting the original admin – then recreating the original admin – and now it’s fine. Not an optimal situation, but 3 minutes and its back to normal. Hopefully in the next update this will be addressed.

    @elly12‘s solution helped my end. Hope this bump fixes others looking for an up-to-date method.

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