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  • Ian


    This is a tough one because I’ve got a few different plugins installed and I’m not sure if any are effecting this issue.

    Basically, on the edit posts page, I need to do a lot of batch tagging from search results. I’ve tried to get it so the search hits all my custom fields, but a lot of times it doesn’t even seem to find results from the post title. It’s also fairly finicky, not finding anything if there is a trailing space or something like that.

    Is there any plugin for a more powerful admin search? Is there some kind of backend problem I’m encountering?

    I use a WP Custom Search widgit for the actual page search and it works excellent for finding results – there’s gotta be some way to get similar kind of results in the backend.

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  • This plugin might help: Extended Admin Post Filter
    It adds a dropdown for each custom-taxonomy so you can filter posts the same way the Categories dropdown works.

    It’s not perfect though. I have several taxonomies, so all those new dropdowns look very cluttered. I’m sure it could be done better, with a conditional / dynamic dropdown, where the 1st dropdown lets you pick a taxonomy, and the 2nd then populates with the terms for the taxonomy chosen from the first dropdown.

    The other issue I’m having is that, when I have “All” selected as the publish-status, the plugin finds only published posts, not drafts or pendings. Kind of a deal-breaker for me there, unfortunately. If you find a good way to search/filter posts on the EditPosts page, I’d love to hear about it.

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