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    We are 4 admins on the blog with all the same problem

    Admin’s cannot do any admin related things anymore. Instead of publish we can only add items as “submit review” or draft
    We can’t add any new admin on the blog. It will return empty, inclusive the new user mail from WP. It returns empty.
    Pictures cannot be added anymore. Loading start but once 100% is filled there is a white page and no upload and no picture.
    Nothing has been changed by any of us (no upgrade or widgets added).
    Version is 3.0.1

    Any Ideas? This is urgent as we have news set up for the following days. They will be added as they are time based, but all without the pictures that they need.

    Thank you

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  • The news items set up with time frame cannot be changed because of the Admin rights not working. We can’t change the go live date either

    Do you use a plugin for the user rights?

    Hi Roy,

    No, we don’t have any plugins for the admin user rights

    And they are all “administrator”, nothing else? That’s weird. So you have no ‘real’ admin left to try to see if it helps to change a user to something else and back to admin?
    And just wondering. Do you have a single site with four admins or a network with admins with each a site or maybe with rights to all sites?

    Here is the site to have a look DLP Info News

    We are 4 admins working on 1 blog, linked into 1 site. It pretty much happened over night. One day we are preparing a collection of news with release dates on it. The next day we wanted to add pictures. Pictures didn’t add at all anymore. First we thought that was the issue. Picture upload to 100% but didn’t pop up in the media file. Because of that we wanted to change the dates for the news releases so they would not be released without pictures. There we noticed all rights where gone.

    First news is published without picture at this time because we don’t have the rights to change publishing time.

    thank you for your time

    So you have no ‘real’ admin left to try to see if it helps to change a user to something else and back to admin?

    I’m almost out of suggestions. Did you already have a look in the users table of the database? Perhaps there’s something funky there. Other than that, there’s nothing left I can think of……

    my admin usernames could not log in to wp-admin the other day (i get a 404 not found error), but my editor usernames had no problem. it turned out that my webhost had to fix some php issues… maybe you need to look at that possibility too?

    Thank you to the both of you

    We are looking at the server side too. But if there is anybody elso who had the problem or might have an idea, please do share it here.

    Small correction to the problem.

    We can make shanges to existing entries. So we can shange the dates for news to go live. We can’t make new blog entries and can’t add pictures or make a new admin account.

    Hi all

    We have found the problem and could solve it.

    The size limit to the mySQL database was full because of the use of WassUp. WassUp used 130MB and our database was set to 100 MB.

    We deleted WassUp and now everything is working again.

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