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  • I have the most current version of WordPress installed on my domain web space. There is no problems with formatting or anything when I look at the actual pages and posts…but when I login as administrator, the formatting disappears. It doesn’t look right. If you want to see a screenshot of what I am talking about…check this out:

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  • Start with replacing the /wp-admin folder. There might be a file that got damaged during upgrading or so. Somehow the admin doesn’t see the stylesheet.q

    Do I replace it with my existing download? Or, do I have to download this folder from another download somewhere?

    If Roy’s suggestion doesn’t work or isn’t possible to implement, I might also suggest looking at disabling any plugin or theme that happens to modify the appearance of your administration panel. It’s possible that one of the plugins (or themes) you’re using could be throwing the new administrative panel a bit out of wack.

    Roy is suggesting that you take the wp-admin folder from the most current version of WordPress (so if you did an automatic update, you’ll need to download this), and uploading only that folder to your webserver, replacing whatever is currently there.

    Wouldn’t that mess up my currently installed WordPress?

    Also, I haven’t changed any settings. Whatever is going on came with the package. I’m going to download wp-admin folder. Or at the least the whole WordPress files and taking just the wp-admin to copy over to my server. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

    I was researching this problem on the internet, and one suggestion was that the document declaration on the CSS file was messed up. I don’t know which CSS file (because there are a million of them) and what part of the document would need changed exactly.

    The folder of the same version that you’ve got running of course and replace with FTP or so. Plugins is a suggestion too of coure. Did you install any new plugins or so?

    I haven’t installed anything yet. I just installed it and then checked it out. I thought my build was bad, so I downloaded the files again and reinstalled it (after removing all the old files of course). This is what I have been getting since the install…without my working on it.

    Ok…I’ve tried deleting the wp-admin and replacing it with a fresh copy…still the same lack of formatting on my dashboard.

    Does anyone know which plugin (if that’s the problem) that I would have to uninstall? I don’t have any plugins installed right now. I do have two plugins that shipped with WordPress, but they aren’t active.

    Hmm… If you haven’t installed any themes or plugins beyond what comes with WP, that’s probably not the problem. Have you tried looking at it in a different web browser?

    i can check…

    Wow. It works fine on Internet Explorer…do you think I might have to reinstall FireFox?

    Ok…I just reinstalled Firefox. That appeared to do the trick! Don’t quote me on that…it could be a fluke.

    Hmm…. I just went through a clean installation and didn’t run into any issues viewing the admin panel on either Firefox, IE, or Chrome. Do you know what version of Firefox you are running?

    Hopefully your problem was resolved, though if you remember what version of Firefox you were running, you may want to submit a report (or check to see if there is one already) to the WordPress bug tracker about the CSS not loading.

    Well…I just tried it after about 30 minutes later and it started the admin without formatting, but as it did before, it runs fine on IE.

    The version of Firefox I have is 6.0.

    i´m experiencing the same problem, only on my mac its happening when i login via safari.. if i log in in chrome or firefox everything looks fine..

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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