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  • [alleged] BUG: in /wp-admin/edit.php (list of all posts), if i select any of the categories (announcements, press releases, etc.) and click ‘filter’, i get ‘no posts found.’ however, from the same page, if i click on the category in the category column for any given post, it shows all the posts for that category.

    * this seemed to become an issue after upgrading from 2.6 to 2.7, i believe, and has persisted into 2.8.

    * the list of posts on the front end of the site works fine, as does each category page

    * i’ve tried using batch categories to remove/reapply categories to all posts to no avail

    * i’m well-seasoned in wp structure and php, so i can follow any suggestions pretty well.

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  • Does the same here, 2.8.4.

    However if you choose a date range, the category filter will work..

    Looks like there is a bug, but alternating between a date range and “all” seems to prompt the filter into working..

    I think i’ve realised my issue, selecting an empty category…

    wp-admin/edit.php – Line 237

    $dropdown_options = array('show_option_all' => __('View all categories'), 'hide_empty' => 0, 'hierarchical' => 1,
    	'show_count' => 0, 'orderby' => 'name', 'selected' => $cat);

    It’s set to allow a filter on empty categories. I’d suggest changing the following….

    'show_count' => 0


    'show_count' => 1

    That way you can see the count of posts in the categories (at least that way you know if you’re selecting an empty category…

    Alternatively change the hide_empty value…

    'hide_empty' => 1

    It’s a core file edit yes, but very minor… (proberly on trac already)…

    Thanks for the response. However, in my case the categories all have plenty of posts, which can be seen if I click the post category itself in the post listing.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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