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  • Try renaming your Plugins directory, then create a new empty Plugins directory in its place with the proper permissions.

    Hey Auphoria,

    Did you ever find a fix to your issue? I’ve a client that was using the menu editor and after saving an update, the whole interface broke on him. I’ve noticed that other Javascript related feature don’t seem to be working throughout the admin panel. Not sure why.


    I sort of did lol. I think I played too much with the customized theme, so I started from scratch again and it’s working fine now.

    one thing I noticed that might relate, is I removed ‘get sidebar’ from all the pages that displayed them, hence why the widgets are ‘frozen’?? I replaced all the files with the default theme again, and hid the sidebar from my stylesheet, they work now.

    Hi… Had the same problem. I switched themes and added new plugins and then couldn’t move my menu items around at all.

    The solution was to deactivate all my plug-ins and switch them back on again one by one. Unfortunately I couldn’t work whether it was a plug-in or me swapping between themes that corrupted them.

    But either way deactivating the themes and reactivating / re-installing worked.

    I too have experienced this same issue. Mostly after upgrading to WordPress 3.1 and again 3.1.1.

    My issue was because of Magic Member and the Core Settings that were not set to use Javascript 1.8.2 instead it was set to use 1.7.3 and this was causing the issue with the Custom Menus not functioning as well as other menus in WordPress Admin to malfunction as well.

    If you are not using Magic Member, check other plugins that are using other versions of Javascript. I ended up deactivating all the plugins and turned one on at a time, each time checking the menu area to see if I could move an item. As soon as I could not, I found the culprit.

    Hope this helps someone from losing too much hair. I was a frizzy curly top and now am almost bald!

    This worked for me, too, for the custom menu in Twenty Ten. Thanks!

    Hey deedles916, how did you fix the issue with MagicMember?
    Their plugin is causing the menu malfunctioning problem.
    How do you change the core settings?

    Please reply TODAY! Thanks so much!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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