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  • Hi, i was using the admin panel last night on my site and i went to reload the page, instead of loading my admin panel it loaded my website with the text:

    Not Found

    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.

    And whenever i go it says the same thing, i haven’t changed the URL or anything, its like its changed something on the server, i had a quick look over FTP and everything seemed to be the same to an untrained eye. It happened while i was playing with my theme4press theme… any one that has any ideas? anything would be greatly appreciated…

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  • Ok, better idea, where is all the main files for my site stored? all of my pages, images posts etc? i might download them via FTP, completely delete wp from the server through softaclulous and re-install everything again, would this work, can anyone tell me??

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