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  1. Loaded_Dice
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi there

    Hoping someone can help.

    I had a really outdated version of WP and thought the site had been hacked so I deleted the whole directory, database, everything and did a manual reinstall of 2.8.4 and imported the backed-up sql file containing the posts, comments, etc.

    After some problems with the "You do not have necessary permissions" error, I finally managed to get into my blog after running the "force-upgrade" script from Mark Jaquith.

    But... now that I'm in the Admin area, the dashboard is only displaying "Profile" and "Tools" menus on the left.

    It's reading and displaying how many posts, pages, and comments I've got but it's not letting me actually DO anything on the blog.

    I don't have a "Posts" menu or "Pages" menu or "Plugins" menu or "Presentation" menu, etc. The only two that are showing up are "Profile" and "Tools".

    Any ideas?


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