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  • same issue, 3.3.1 . ever figure this out?

    1/wp-content/plugins/add-from-server/class.add-from-server.php on line 137

    $this->settings = new add_from_server_settings(&$this);

    $this->settings = new add_from_server_settings($this);

    hey erictr1ck,
    nicely debug the code, thanks buddy you solve my problem 🙂

    I have the same problem on the version. But the file class.add-from-server-settings.php is not having any line with: $this->settings = new add_from_server_settings(&$this);

    Can someone please help with issue?




    This is marked as “resolved” but it’s not really resolved as long as the plugin itself is not updated. I strongly suggest that the author looks into this and issues an update; otherwis many more people will run into it. And not everyone can or is willing to edit the plugin code.



    Great fix, please release an immediate update to fix this.



    I think the developer is not coming back. Ive been waiting for a reply for ages and nothing! Hasn’t been updated since 2011! Shame. But if someone makes contact maybe someone could take the project.

    Just had this issue, in WP 3.5.1 (probably after I switched the PHP version on my webhost). The fix did work.

    There’s an update to Add from Server ( It’s supposed to fix PHP 5.4 compatibility, according to release notes. But it looks like the class.add-from-server.php file isn’t affected, as it’s still At any rate, my WP install is working, thanks to this quick fix. Thanks erictr1ck!

    Downloaded version and looked in the class.add-from-server.php file. The change appears to have been made and the error is no longer occurring. I’m on PHP 5.4.17 with of the module installed.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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