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  • Last night I was working on one of my sites – when I went to the admin panel for widgets, the sidebars were inexplicably gone, though they had been there just moments before. Not just the widgets I had selected for sidebars had disappeared, but the entire sidebar admin, as though the theme did not support sidebars. I checked the live site – sure enough, no sidebars. It was late and I was frustrated, so I logged out. Then I logged into my other site to discover the exact same problem. No admin for sidebars and no sidebars in the live site.

    I have searched the forums and haven’t found anything with the exact same problem and/or the suggested solutions have not worked so far. I have deactivated all of my plugins and tried reactivating them one by one, but on the first plugin activation, sidebar admin is already not showing. I have NOT modified any code on my sites, so nothing has been deleted or modified by me to cause this. This morning, I tried changing the theme for one of the sites, thinking perhaps it was an issue with the particular themes I had selected (completely different developers). When I loaded the new theme, the sidebar admin was STILL not there. I work in firefox, so I loaded everything up with IE – same issues. (please keep in mind that I’ve been mucking about with the theme, so not everything in this theme is as it should be – e.g. no images have been selected as features, etc.

    Suggestions on how to resolve or where to go for resolution?

    [No bumping, thank you.]

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