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  • Hi guys

    Is there a way to reduce general font size of the new admin panel

    RQ: well done for the facelift


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  • Could you please note which device (etc.) is displaying the text too big?




    and also chrome

    Maybe just a thiner font wil be ok

    Could you please note which device

    I am sorry, but FireFox and Chrome are Browsers, not devices.

    Sorry imac OSX 10.9

    As with the OP, I’m also interested in knowing how to change the admin area font size. Since page styling is typically set via CSS, which _files_ must be modified? If the styling is hard-coded for some reason, core and theme PHP files might also need to be modified.

    I tried examining the admin page with Firebug but there are too many inheritance levels to find the right style setting.



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    I assume you are using a large format high resolution screen with the iMac. If so (even if not), with focus on that page, use command and + key combo to increase view (and fonts) in your browser.

    If you edit the font sizes output by WP, you (or another) may some day view your site elsewhere and then have issue with font size and the resulting layout…

    That said, the stylesheet for the admin pages is easily found by either viewing the page source or inspecting an element on the page…

    To discover what CSS is output by your theme, use a web inspection tool such as Firebug: , Chrome Inspect Element: or Internet Explorer 9+ F12 Dev. Tools:

    There are others.

    When editing CSS, use a Child Theme
    Custom CSS Plugin, or Theme provided custom CSS option.
    Edits to parent themes are lost on theme update.

    Learn CSS:

    Passing from 3.7.1 to 3.8 i have the same problem on wordpress dashboard… text is too big.

    If i click on Post the size of the text is so big that disrupt all the normal alignment.

    I’m using a laptop with Windows 8.1.

    To reduce the Admin Panel font size, consider:

    – Admin theme CSS files live at wordpress/wp-admin/css/*
    – Admin styling is unrelated to main site themes
    – Admin CSS mods at child theme do not work, class selector scope conflict?
    – Each color scheme has unique styling at css/colors/*
    – Apply mods to minimized .min.css files, .css mods optional?

    This is what I’ve found when tweaking my system. The admin panel core developers may have additional advise.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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