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  • I’ve created a plugin for creating thumbnails from videos. The videos are from the wordtube plugin. The plugin has an admin page that lists the existing videos and allows you to select one to make new thumbs for it.

    You are then presented a page of thumbnails from the video, you click one, and it is used as the thumbnail for that video and entered into the database.

    The creation of thumbnails is done using ffmpeg and a php exec() command. I then list the thumbs created by listing the files in a thumbnail folder. For some reason this is executed twice. The second time through, the file listing is not displayed. This is driving me nuts.

    I can’t show you this, as it is in my admin section of my wordpress install. I can watch the thumbnail folder and see that the exec command is creating thumbnails after the page is loaded showing the thumbnails just created. It is as if it is running in the background.

    Are the admin functions executed twice?

    I’ve tried disabling all my plugins except wordtube and this one.
    I’ve tried other themes.
    I’ve tried renaming the .htaccess file in hopes it was a 404 redirect or something.
    None of this helps.

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  • Solved:
    Apparently this condition only occurred with Google Chrome browser with the “window resizer” extension active.
    After I disabled that extension, the code only got executed once, like it should.

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