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  • My wordpress admin pages loads between 2 and 100 seconds. I have a drupal site too using the same database and it loads even slower.

    I have several times contacted the web hostel. It seems like things get better for a while and then things fall back to a very slow state again.

    Is there anything I can check to see what is happening?

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  • In the wordpress, they dashboard loads a lot of feed which has previously led to noticeable slow downs. The other thing could be plugins…try disabling all plugins and see if it speeds it up. If not, there is a plugin that disables all the feeds in the dashboard.

    peiqinglong: Thanks, but it seems to be a problem with my web host. I have complained again and now the pages loads 50 times faster.

    This has happened several times now. Is there someone who can advice on this?

    Another thought: I may be misunderstanding the time measured and shown at the bottom of the admin pages. Exactly what is measured?

    I looked through the code to see how the time is measured. There are two functions timer_start and timer_stop for this.

    The first, timer_start, is called in wp-config.php. This is in turn included by admin.php which seems to be used in for example moderation.php — and this is a top level module called from the users web browser.

    At the end moderation.php includes admin-footer.php and in admin-footer.php timer_stop is called.

    So the time measured is all about time on the web server.

    The reason am interested in this is that my web hostel asks me to check for network delays. I can not see at all that network delays are involved here.

    Any suggestion of what to do. Should I publish the name of the web hostel, or?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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