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  • This is definitely a JS problem, what we found on our site was that one of the plugins was causing this. Check out this article, it talks all about how to test the plugins: Upgrade Woes

    The system would not include any .bak files, so that should not cause the problem. More than likely you have a plugin that is not compatible with WP3.0, this has been a common occurrance.

    If you find that it is a plugin, I would really like to know which one was causing your issue.

    Thank you so much for getting back to me.

    There were two plugins causing this problem. One was the Dagon Design Sitemap Generator. The second plugin is WP-PageNavi. I am madly in love with this plugin and I’m SUPER bummed to have to deactivate it.

    Thank you once again! LIFE. SAVER!

    You can try the Google XML Sitemaps plugin, it is a favorite of mine. It works really well.

    I am not familiar with the other plugin, but if it is a good one they will probably come up with an upgrade for 3.0 soon.

    I hate to do this to you, again… but I found another problem that was not able to be fixed by deactivating/deleting plugins. Here’s a screen cap of my “Edit” page of the plugins.

    <img src=’’ border=’0’/>

    I checked my FTP files for the JS in the /wp-admin/js folder and both “editor.js” and “” files are there. I’m not sure if that information is relevant.

    One of the best tools that you can use to find a JS error is the Firebug Add-on for Firefox.

    If you put this into firefox and go to your website, click on the little “bug” in the bottom right corner of your browser window and go to the “console” tab. This will show you exactly the error that is happening.

    You can send a screenshot or copy the text here.

    I click on “Console” and the white box become blank. Does this mean it’s not a JS problem?

    Turn it on and then refresh the page, if it shows a button you should turn it on for your domain.

    The trick with Firebug is for it to be open and then refresh.

    If nothing shows, then there is a PHP error somewhere, probably a plugin.

    Here’s a screen cap of after I refreshed the screen. This means it’s a plugin problem, correct?

    <img src=’’ border=’0’/>



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    – switching to the default theme by renaming your current theme’s folder using FTP or whatever file management application your host provides.

    resetting the plugins folder by FTP or phpMyAdmin.

    That should get you back into your admin area with everything set back to defaults again. You can then, carefully, reactivate your theme and your plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s).

    Hi Esmi!

    Didn’t work, with all my plugins disabled, I couldn’t “Edit” anything. I activated each plugin, one by one, and still the same result… blank page. I did, however, find that the page doesn’t “end”… check it out:

    <div id="wpbody-content">
    <div id="screen-meta">
    	<div id="contextual-help-wrap" class="hidden">
    	<div class="metabox-prefs"><p>You can use the editor to make changes to any of your plugins’ individual PHP files. Be aware that if you make changes, plugins updates will overwrite your customizations.</p><p>Choose a plugin to edit from the menu in the upper right and click the Select button. Click once on any file name to load it in the editor, and make your changes. Don’t forget to save your changes (Update File) when you’re finished.</p><p>The Documentation menu below the editor lists the PHP functions recognized in the plugin file. Clicking Lookup takes you to a web page about that particular function.</p><p>If you want to make changes but don’t want them to be overwritten when the plugin is updated, you may be ready to think about writing your own plugin. For information on how to edit a plugin or start from scratch, check out the links below.</p><p><strong>For more information:</strong></p><p><a href="" target="_blank">Documentation on Editing Plugins</a></p><p><a href="" target="_blank">Support Forums</a></p></div>
    <div id="screen-meta-links">
    <div id="contextual-help-link-wrap" class="hide-if-no-js screen-meta-toggle">
    <a href="#contextual-help" id="contextual-help-link" class="show-settings">Help</a>

    Might want to enable debugging and see if an error message is generated, might give you a clue as to the cause.

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