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    I have lost access to all admin pages in all my sites after installing and activating the weaver theme in the main blog.

    When I selected some theme preferences and chose save, my browser went to a “not found” page. Clicking on any other admin functions produces the same result.

    I used ftp to access my WP installation, and the weaver theme was completely gone. Other than that, everything seems to be in place.

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  • you’ll have to talk to the theme dev.

    Thank you for your response. I realize that I did not make myself clear.

    While everything seems to be in its place, I cannot access any kind of admin page or function anymore. If I click on themes, plugins, settings, etc. I get sent to a “not found” page. Is there any way to correct this?

    Did you remove the theme? From your post, it looks liek the theme is not even visible via ftp.

    The theme disappeared on its own (which I found when I went to my WP via FTP). I had set some preference about posts and as soon as I clicked on update everything the “not found” pages began to appear and everything else ceased to work.

    I re-uploaded the theme via ftp just in the (naive) hope that doing so might fix things. But no luck.

    Go to Permalinks -> Settings and save.

    Thanks. It fixed the problem. Though I must confess I am stumped by how this fixes a problem caused by the theme.

    The theme flushed your rewrite rules.

    The Weaver theme does absolutely nothing to touch the rewrite rules. Don’t know what happened, but there have been no other reports of any issue like this for the Weaver theme.


    To tell you the truth, my admin also died after installing Weaver. I tried to reinstall it and nothing.

    The webpage continues to work with any template, but the admin is very unstable. I even deactivated all plugins before testing any themes.

    My admin was also unstable after I was able to access it. In the end I fixed it by doing a manual upgrade and reinstalling weaver via ftp.

    Admin is working fine now, though some weaver functions lie 2-column page with excerpts are not working (it could be I am just too much of a newbie to tell the difference between problems originating in WP itself from those emanating from a theme)

    The template is impressive, but decided to uninstall it. I decided to keep it consideration for future use, for now I will try another template.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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