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    I hope I am able to describe this accurately. I upgraded tp 2.0 last night and it was working, although whenever I went to click a button (‘update’, for example), I’d have to refresh (hit enter after the address in the address bar) to get the next page to actually load. But admin page came up fine.

    Today, I can see my actual blog, but cannot get to my admin page – is completely blank. I have tried refreshing and hitting enter in the address bar. Nothing. I also did the admin troubleshooting page here:


    I’m using Firefox, also tried with Safari, on a Mac OSX.

    My server info is:

    PHP Version 4.3.10

    System Linux soy 2.4.29-grsec+w+fhs6b+gr0501+nfs+a32+++p4+sata+c4+gr2b-v6.189 #1 SMP Mon Feb 7 13:23:30 PST 2005 i686

    Build Date Dec 7 2005 00:12:43

    Server API CGI

    No Apache info found.

    Client API version 5.0.16

    My blog is here:

    admin would be:

    I’m not exactly technically savvy, so any and all help is requested. Thanks!

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  • Oh, and I just found out that apparently other people can login to my blog. Just *I*, the admin, cannot.

    I also tried reinstalling everything and still I get a blank page. Oh, and it’s Firefox 1.5 I’m mainly using, although I have the same result with Safari 1.3.1

    I cannot figure this out. Help please!

    Have you tried clearing your cache. Correct username and password?
    You could try to reset your password,too. If all else fails, there’s a way to hash a new password and put it into your database, but for the life of me, I don’t remember how to do that. Had to about a year ago…

    Password reset:

    I’d also try clearing cookies as well as your cache.

    I did all with both browsers as per your suggestion. Still nothing.

    Oh, I also forgot to add that I can post to my blog via Performancing on Firefox, but for a regular admin page, I still get an entirely blank page.

    Is this relevant? I just got an email from my blog letting me know someone commented, only instead of being from ‘me’, like it usually is, it’s from ‘wordpress’

    Do you have some “weird” user that you didn’t create?

    Ryan Boren


    WordPress Dev

    Mails are now sent from wordpress@yourblogdomain. Some hosts insist that outgoing emails be from the local domain.

    Not that I can see. I mean, I have 422 users because I use post levels and ask that people login to read the protected posts. But there are no new ones.

    Also (again, I don’t know if this is relevant), I keep getting 404 errors when I try to refresh and/or view this thread. Could this be connected? Oh, and I get them EVERY time I hit ‘send post’.

    Uh, except that time.

    There seems to be server problems here on the support forums, chasmyn.
    Did you try LesBessant’s link? I had this same problem a while back, and followed the instructions and got back in.

    I did. Nothing has worked so far, and people leaving comments on my blog are telling me that some can login, others are having the same blank screen issue I am. I’m trying to get more info from them about their OS and such, too.

    ok,here’s a silly question, can you check your admin directory and make sure everything’s there?
    When I upgraded, I mistakenly left the includes folder out. Not the same thing, but you know…

    May want to check your plugins, too. Maybe deactivate a few of them, one at a time and see what happens?
    Here’s a list of known compatible plugins.
    Other than that, I’m at a loss…

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