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    Hey and thanks in advance for your help!

    I cannot login to my site to reach the dashboard? It shows ” you have reached this page in error warning or sorry page not found.” This is the first time I’ve ever had this sort of problem occur. I’m not having any trouble connecting to my server and my site appears whenever I or anyone else tries to visit the page. I don’t know what to do! Thanks again!

    – Miguel

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  • Hi, I am having the same problem. I see yours was resolved, may I ask HOW? I just want to get to the dashboard.

    Thank You

    Yep, I too am having the same issue. I am able to get to my blog and as I click the log-in link to get to my Dashboard, the message is that the page cannot be found. PLEASE HELP!!!

    Yes, same issue also.

    To give more information: the site’s at, and is appearing fine. The admin area’s at, with the option under ‘settings’ set to show the site at (Forgive me – can’t remember the exact option, and can’t look it up!)

    It was working fine then just stopped overnight. WordPress seems to be looking for the admin area under rather than the original domain.

    Being a complete newb, I can’t tell whether this is a hosting issue or a wordpress issue. Any ideas, anyone?

    What the…this topic is not resolved. I have this exact issue right now & as a result, for some reason, people can’t leave comments either! Will someone please address this problem? It just stopped working randomly after everything was working. I’ve uninstalled & re-installed WordPress three times! Nothing seems to be working.

    Ok, I have the same problem. Overnight the admin login has disappeared. I click on login and no page comes up. Why isn’t there any follow up to these earlier messages?

    My Dashboard does not contain some of the Admin pages I need to manage the blog, particularly, manage plugins. This is in WP 2.7.1 beta 1. Can I add them to the Dashboard? If so how? I can get to them by going to the Admin dir with a browser, but that’s a pain that I don’t need. Am I doing something wrong here?

    Sounds like I have the same problem as Ordained, in WordPress 2.6.x

    The regular admin pages work fine, like the options page:

    But any Settings or Plugins link requiring a URL parameter returns 404 not found. Even the main Dashboard page is broken.

    Ryan S


    I can only suggest you to back up the blog and install the wordpress again. May be some files are missing while you install wordpress.

    The files are there, because the same URLs work without the parameters added.

    I would do as you suggested anyway, but I can’t get the settings for some of my plugins without access to their settings pages! Right now the organization can’t afford to have the website down or disrupted while I muddle around. I’m stuck tight.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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