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  • Mozilla just upgraded its Firefox Browser this week and when it did, I’ve lost all CSS on my Admin Page (WP 2.2). It has all the text there and every link works–but it’s just plain text, no CSS.

    In Explorer, the Admin page still displays correctly.

    It does this on two different computers with Firefox. Firefox display almost everything else correctly. Statcounter’s home page is enlarged.

    I had installed on Firefox the WebDeveloper plug in and the StumbleUpon plug ins. I deactivated both. I deleted Firefox and reinstalled.

    It still performs fine with every othe webpage, even my blog’s homepage produced by WordPress. It’s JUST the WP-Admin page.

    Any ideas?


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  • This just started happening to me also. I thought maybe it was adblock plus blocking the css but it is not. Anyone else seeing this?

    It’s also just happened to me. I’m on Ubuntu Fiesty running Firefox, and I had just completed the instructions here to move my wordpress files to a subdirectory on my domain.

    My domain is The actual site views fine, but the admin pages are style-less. I have checked the admin pages on a WinXP box running IE (5, I think) and the styles are fine there – so I have at least done the move correctly.

    Anybody thought of any explanations? I’m working on it, but technically at my day-job so can’t spend too much time hacking wordpress 😉

    I checked out my site from work and its fine. Back and home and it is still messed up. Just odd….

    philosophicles, Your login page looks fine for me, its styled.

    OK, in which case, I propose that I have solved the case.
    *smokes pipe and adjusts deerstalker hat*

    Caching, my dear Watson. Your home browser has, for some reason, cached the page without CSS and decided that therefore it Doesn’t Need CSS. If you clear out the cache (in FF2.x, hit Ctrl+Shift+Del to remove all private data, or do it via the Tools menu to be more selective) it should work again. Or at least, it did for me 🙂

    Looking back over ddpattison’s post, however, it looks like it may not be the right solution for him, as the problem was repeatable on different PCs. So I’m still stymied as to why it’s happening for him!

    wow strange! Why did I not think of that?…. it works! Thanks bro!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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