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  • I have had to resort to using templates for a number of pages because the Page Editor in the admin interface of WordPress 2.5 (and previous versions) doesn’t keep all of the code I type in in the ‘Code’ section.

    The main irritant here is that I need to use a couple of empty DIV tags, with nothing but a background image in. Once you’ve saved, and then switch back to the ‘Visual’ editor, it removes these DIVs, enters in some of it’s own markup, and just kinda screws with my hard work :o(

    I’m using templates fine, it’s got me around the problem, but on some sites other people need to occasionally edit the content and either don’t have easy access to the files and a code editor, or they’re not exactly HTML/CSS savvy…

    Is this a known problem that’ll likely be fixed in some future update? Are there other back-end page editors that can be installed?

    Hoping for help for the sanity of others,

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  • Hi,
    Same problem here ! and hating it by the way…

    I often use frontpage to create pages with pictures and so on ( using cells ) . By doing this i can create pages that looks pretty nice.
    After uploading the html code into the html editor of wordpress everything got messed up.

    There is a problem in the editor and most of it is due to de new alinea function. Sometimes i have to “enter” 3 times ( even in the visual mode) to leave 1 empty rule…

    A fix for this is appreciated..

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