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    Is there any way you could create an admin panel so we can make changes there as opposed to the _output_gallery.php file, as it gets overwritten with each update. I love that you give us the options, but I’d like to have it stick instead of having to make the changes with each upgrade.

    Unless I’m missing something.


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    …Um, if you edit a plugin it will ALWAYS get overwritten with each update…which is why you should never edit a plugin. That’s what hooks & filters are for.

    This question doesn’t make sense to me at all – unless I’m missing something.

    ….Um, I know editing a plugin will always overwrite it. I entered all the information above for a couple of reasons, one, so I could be as descriptive as possible so you could understand how much I love the plugin and that I had looked in all the places I could to help you understand what I was saying, and two, in case someone saw this post and didn’t realize they could customize some of the features.

    I love the fact that I can randomize the gallery and strip the headings off if I’d like, and I do that in the above mentioned file. I know you have some settings tabs for initializing and connecting the plugin to our facebook accounts, but what I can’t seem to find is a page to set those options you kindly provide in the output gallery file and make them stick. Just like your other settings pages, I would like to have a settings page that gives me the option to set those parameters, then you write them in the database for the plugin so that the settings always stick even after I update your plugin.

    I hope that makes sense to you now. Again, the plugin is great, and I like that you give me the option to do certain things with it in the output file…I would just like to have a settings page where I could set the options and they stay, especially since I add galleries to my site all the time.

    I hope I didn’t miss anything.

    Plugin Author justin_k


    This plugin only has three database options: the FB token, the token’s expiration, and the last userID you searched for (for convenience). Every single other option is configurable per-album based on whatever you put in that album’s tag, as per the documentation. There is no need for any options in the admin panel, nor any options to be stored in the database, nor is anything accomplished by editing the source files. You set the options per-album based on the parameters you specify in the magic tag. The most a database option could serve to do would be change the default values, but there would be no point in that as if you want different options, you can just specify them in the tags.

    I suggest you refer to the documentation page again. You don’t seem to understand how this plugin works:

    Plugin Author justin_k


    >>I love the fact that I can randomize the gallery and strip the headings off if I’d like, and I do that in the above mentioned file.

    Don’t do this by editing the file. Do it by specifying the correct parameters in your albums.

    ok. thanks. i use the same parameters for each album, so i was just looking for a checkbox to set something like

    ‘noLB’ => true, //Suppress outputting the lightbox javascript?

    in the settings, as there is a conflict with your plugin and another lightbox plugin i use for video features. Since it is a sitewide issue, i just turn it off in the output gallery file, but i will add it to each gallery i create as per your instructions. i understand this won’t work for everyone however, as they may want to customize every one of their albums differently.

    I understand how the plugin works…sorry to bother you. you can get back to climbing your rock.

    nice work.

    Plugin Author justin_k


    Well, if all you’re after is a way to set the *default* params, I can add a filter for that. That’s all you had to say, & it would’ve been MUCH clearer than talking about an expanded admin panel, new database options (??), editing source files and having them get overwritten, etc. “Could you provide a way to set the default album params, so I can make every album i.e. noLB=1 without needing to specify it per-album?” – that one sentence would’ve been 100% clear 😛

    I just submitted v2.1.14 that adds filter fpf_default_albumparams, which you can use for this.

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