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    I setup a WordPress blog for someone and put myself (with my email address) as the temporary admin while I trained the owner on how to use it.

    When he was ready to take the reins, I went to the user panel and changed admin’s email address from mine to his, but for some reason I still get all moderation requests, new user announcements, etc, and he gets none of them.

    I’ve gone back to the panel and verified that his email is associated with the admin account, I’ve deleted all other users but him, and I’ve even gone into the user table of the database to verify that my email is not stored in there somewhere.

    So where is this happening and how can I fix it?

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  • Delete the WordPress cache under wp-content/cache.

    I don’t see any cache in wp-content. Is there something wrong with my installation?

    No. Cache is auto-enabled/disabled depending on what version of WP you’ve installed. 2.0.4 is disabled, I believe.

    At any rate, that’s not your true issue.

    Say, how many admin accounts are there? Just the one that you initially created or did you create another for the actual user?

    just for future reference – this is what i do with client sites i set up:

    i’m always “admin” – it remains my name, my email account, my everything.

    i then set up a new account for my client, and give them full admin capabilities.

    have you gone to the options tab, and changed the email address in there?

    For HandySolo:
    I actually had this problem on 2 blogs. One has multiple users with admin rights, and the other has just one.

    But my (stupid) question was actually answered by ladydelaluna. I just hadn’t made the email changes in the options tab. I wrongly assumed that the moderator emails came to either whoever was user-id 1 (or admin), or anybody that had administration rights.

    Thanks for the help. 🙂



    Is it possible to specify more than one admin email address (comma separated) in the options tab?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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