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  1. dans7919
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I'm writing a new theme, and it's going to have a substantial number of options, so I want to tab my theme option pages. I have reviewed several themes with tabbed options menus, and the all you Jquery to switch between the tabs by showing/hiding divs.

    I'm personally not overly fond of this method, as the theme I'm working on is going to have a lot of options(200-300), and is going to chew some cpu time depending on what changes are made.

    what I was planing on doing was having the individual menu page control what tab was being displayed at request time. To do that I need to add a get variable to the uri so it can determine what tab to display.

    does anyone know of any WordPress functions that would help with constructing the uri, or am I just going to have to do it all manually by look at $_server?

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