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    My entire admin menu in the Dashboard has disappeared. Only thing left is the profile.
    No more Posts, Media, Links, Plugins, Pages, Comments, Appearance, Users, Tools, Settings etc- all is gone. It was fine two weeks ago when I went on a vacation.

    I can login using WP-admin and get the dashboard but nothing but my profile and Collapse menu. Even when the collapse menu is clicked there are no icons for the various menu items.

    Anyone have a clue on how I get the menu back. Cannot do anything to site without it
    I am in dire straits

    The site itself is okay but no admin

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  • It would appear you are no longer the admin which can happen due to malware. Scan your site at Securi … also, many sites get infected through an admin using a computer with malware on it. Verify yours is clean.

    My mac is clean – the shows site is clean

    By default, the original admin cannot be made to have a lesser role, and this does not occur randomly…Also, are you assuming because you have a Mac it’s clean or have you run up to date anti-malware? You can reset the admin password with PHPMyAdmin or your host provided MySQL database tool.

    My mac is clean – I am not assuming. I have reset my password – as I previously stated I CAN LOGIN to the admin panel(Dashboard) there is nothing there but a profile – not a thing in the left column. I am using the original admin username

    One other thing – It is the same no matter
    what computer I use to access the site including a PC

    Have you checked what the admin UN and PW are in your database?

    I guess I do not see the logic in that – username is same as original and I reset password so I must assume the pw is in the database or I probably could not log in. I as admin is the only user

    My advise is to review what is in the database as that is where user data is stored and can be (re)set.


    This is just a guess mind you, but you might take a look in your database at the wp_usermeta table. View the data under the user_id field and see if the value under the wp_capabilities meta_key for your default admin account (user_id 1) is still a:1:{s:13:”administrator”;s:1:”1″;}

    Thanks to all and suggestion of checking database I found I was using wrong username of default username admin which let me in with no admin panel.

    I am still baffled as to why but I am back to normal and thats what counts

    Thanks all

    I have the same problem, but I am NOT using the username admin

    Should I create a NEW admin username to see if that fixes it?

    Created a new admin account and that did not help. I still do not have the menu on the left.



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    @michealsavoie: Please post your own topic.

    Thanks all

    I have it now

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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