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    Hello, I’d like to change my admin page to be something other than wp-admin. Now I don’t want to just change the directory named “wp-admin” without being absolutely sure that nothing else (other than themes’ “wp-login” links) points to href=”/wp-admin“.

    I could just load up a test copy of the entire site into Dreamweaver, and see if after changing “wp-admin”, Dreamweaver will ask me to change other links… but I figured that would be a bit crude of a method.

    I’m hoping somebody decent understanding of WordPress’s structure can tell me definitively:
    no, nothing other than the “Admin Login” links in each theme point to /wp-admin
    yes, there’s a TON of strings linking back to wp-admin. so DON’T attempt that, you’ll make a nasty mess

    **I’m assuming the second ^ response will be the one I’ll get, since the entire admin panel has files in it linking to each other – I’m hoping that they all just use relative links like “../../” to get to the “/wp-admin/” parent directory.

    FYI: the reason I’d like to change it is because I don’t like the fact that everybody who has used WordPress will know the URL of my login page.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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